Automatic Gates and Doors – Why are they important?

Automatic gates and doors are a common feature in homes and businesses. Our reliance on them is often underestimated but with the coronavirus alerting us to the need to be more hygienic and avoid touching surfaces with our hands it makes sense that automatic gates and doors will become even more important. 

If you are looking for an automatic gate or door in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart or any regional area in Australia,  Action Auto Door can provide information and an obligation free quote.

Automatic Gates and Doors

This is particularly true of hands free entry options. Many people install driveway gates in their homes and business so they do not have to leave their vehicle and open a gate manually. While stopping the spread of viruses and germs has become an important factor in installing automatic gates and doors we can not forget the other important reason – Convenience. 

The convenience of having an automatic gate opener and automatic garage door in your home is often taken for granted. They are a common feature in homes today and this is because they provide convenience and security. Having an automated garage door or driveway gate means you are protected from the weather and don’t have to deal with cumbersome gates and doors that can be heavy to open and close. They also provide security as you press a button and they are closed and locked.


Hospital Automatic Swing Doors
Double Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic doors and gates are also installed in the homes of people with mobility issues. The convenience of hands free or one touch button systems allows those with mobility issues to move more freely and safely through their homes. Automatic door openers can be installed on front entry entry doors, internal doors and sliding doors in the home. Coupled with an automatic gate, garage door and home automation systems homes today can be wired to be virtually hands free. This also is true for offices and businesses looking to make their entry and movement more convenient for customers and employees.

While convenience is often the most important factor in home installation of automatic gates and doors for businesses, the protection and safety of customers and staff from bacteria and viruses is becoming ever more important. 

Places like medical centres in the past may have had manual doors for visitors to open and close on entry and exist. This is now considered a high risk area for spreading bacteria and viruses thus the need for many medical centres and businesses to move to automated entry doors. This will also ensure the safe exit and entry of those with mobility issues . This is also true of public bathrooms. Automatic toilet doors are also being considered by businesses not only for disabled clients but for the broader community.

Convenience and safety are the key considerations that come into making the decision to install automatic gates and doors in your home or business.

Action Auto Door are leading suppliers and installers of a range of quality, affordable European gate and automatic door openers from FAACDITEC and CENTSYS. We provide installation services in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Canberra, Western Australia and The Northern Territory. 

We are Registered NDIS Providers and are able to assist with complex Home Modification and business quotes having extensive experience working with occupational therapists and builders in the disability sector. 

Contact us today to discuss your automatic gate and door needs. Email:     Ph: 0411 126 538

Automatic Hands Free Door Opener: How do they reduce germs?

hands free door opener is a simple yet effective way to decrease the transmission of germs and bacteria. With the current spread of the coronavirus throughout the world a germ free door opener decreases the need for people to make contact with doors and door handles. 

Research states that door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria and transmission of viruses and germs,  in particular public door handles. The colonisation of bacteria on door handles is particularly evident on bathroom door handles and door handles in medical facilities. 

Hands free door openers for bathrooms are a smart yet effective way of ensuring no contact is required after using public bathroom facilities. As you may have noticed more and more public bathrooms are installing contact-less taps, sanitary bins and hand drying facilities. Doors in public restrooms can also be made hands free by installing automatic swing door openers or automatic sliding door openers.

Hands Free Door Opener
Hand Free Door Opener

These doors can work by sensor technology to ensure no contact is required when entering and exiting a bathroom. 

A hands free door opener is also very useful and important in medical centres and hospitals where there is the possibility of virus transfer to the immune compromised. People are often unaware of the time it takes to wash your hands thoroughly and effectively to stop the transfer of germs. People also unconsciously touch their face and contaminated areas without even realising thus further increasing the chance of spreading germs.

Hospital Automatic Swing Doors
Double Automatic Swing Doors

While this article is not based on exact science it does give you an idea about the severity of the amount of germs on a public door handle in a hospital in the US. 

Installing a hand free door opener will ensure one less contact point for people to acquire and spread bacteria and viruses . Installing germ free door openers along with encouraging good hand hygiene are important factors in stopping the spread of a virus like COVID-19. 

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic hands free door openers in businesses and homes. Door openers can be installed on swing doors, sliding doors and disabled toilet doors.  CleanSwitch is a contact-less switch that uses modern cutting edge sensor technology to open and close doors in strict hygiene environments like hospitals, bathrooms and restaurants. Combined with an automatic door opener these switches ensure hygienic access and improved accessibility. 

A hands free door opener can also be linked with mobile phones and wireless – blue tooth technology for hands free entry at home to improve accessibility for the elderly or disabled. 

For more information and an obligation free quote contact Action Auto Door we install in all Australian states and territories.  

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Combi Door- Can a CombiDoor be automated ?

A Combi Door put simply is a solid timber door with a security screen built into it. A CombiDoor takes away the need to have both an entry door and screen door. The screen and entry door become one allowing light and ventilation to enter your home or business. Combi Doors are especially suitable in circumstances where people may have difficulties opening and closing two entrance doors. 

Can you automate a Combi Door? 

At Action Auto Door we often get asked if it is possible to install automatic swing door openers on screen doors. While this is possible  it is more costly to automate both a front entry door and a screen door. This is where it may be more cost effective and beneficial to install Combi doors in your home. Installing a Combidoor can save you money by not having to install two auto swing doors but still allowing you to have light and airflow coming through your home.

Who can benefit from a Combi Door?

Everyone, but combi doors are especially useful for the elderly or people with a disability. A CombiDoor can be fitted with automatic swing door openers to provide easy access for those with mobility issues or in a wheelchair.

Automating your combi door can be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) . Action Auto Door are a registered NDIS Provider and can help you during installation and planning stages of home modifications.

CombiDoors are often recommended by Occupational Therapists if you are widening a doorway or building a new home and are considering automating your door but would still like to have a screen door .

In our Australian climate it is practical to be able to have the option to still have ventilation and light but not have to wrestle two doors when you are entering and exiting the building. Combi doors can be automated to open inward or outward and allow conversation with someone outside without opening the door. 

Are they safe and secure?

Combi doors are safe and secure and are available with alloy grills or stainless steel mesh and can be custom made to suit your requirements. You can get more information on the sizes and colours at the CombiDoor website. They can be used both externally and internally and used in homes and offices, high density housing, seniors villages, medical facilities and schools. 

Action Auto Door install automatic door openers and automatic gate openers Australia wide. We are disabled access specialists and are registered NDIS providers. For more information on automating doors in your home or business contact us today. 


Combi Doors

Automatic Opening Doors (Why You Need Them in 2023)

Automatic Opening Doors are an essential requirement in homes and businesses in 2023. Action Auto Door discuss how installing automatic opening doors is not only beneficial but can also be a necessity. Contact us for more information on installing automatic doors in your home or business throughout Australia. 

Automatic opening doors are a taken for granted fixture in homes and business. In the home the most common place to see one is the garage door. Many homes across Australia have automated their garage roller doors in order to make entry and exit from the garage easy.

Automatic swing door openers and automatic gate openers are also seen in residential homes. In business – offices, shopping centres and commercial premises often have automatic sliding doors as a common feature, automatic swing doors and automatic disabled toilet doors are also commonly seen in commercial premises.

Automatic Opening Door
Automatic Doors Sliding

While it is not a requirement to install automatic opening doors in your home, it can be a requirement in business in order to comply with disability access laws.

In 2023 people’s lives are moving quickly. Convenience and speed are essential to how we live. Below we discuss some of the key reasons you should install an automatic opening door in 2023.


Convenience is important to people in 2023. People holding shopping bags or pushing trolleys do not want to have to open doors themselves. It is expected that a large business will have automatic opening doors. 

At home, the inconvenience of getting out of your car to open your garage door means that installing an automatic garage door opener to your door is a common feature in most homes. 

Automatic Swing doors at home are also a convenient way to access your home if you have mobility restrictions. 

Automatic Opening Door


Automatic opening doors allow you to provide adequate access to homes and businesses for the elderly or disabled. In the home front, entry doors can be automated to ensure easy access for those with mobility issues or trouble opening locks. 

Internal swing doors and patio sliding doors can also be automated as required. Large businesses have a duty of care to provide automatic doors to disabled toilets to ensure there are no access issues for the disabled or elderly.

Assistive Technology for the Disabled


In 2023 hygiene has become one of the most important factors for businesses to consider when installing automatic doors.

With the spread of COVID 19 automatic doors help decrease the possibility of community transmission by taking away the need for people to touch doors. As research has proven door handles are seen as a key contamination risk and are central in passing on germs and viruses as they are touched regularly by different people. While hand hygiene is central to decreasing transmission it can not always be guaranteed that people are following correct hand hygiene practices.  

Installing hands free door openers with automatic sensors allows you to take away another risk when it comes to the spread of germs and viruses and ensures you are complying with COVID SAFE practices.

Automatic Doors Adelaide GEZE

Energy Saving

Automatic opening doors are important in 2023 as they can help with energy costs. Automating doors allows you to keep the heat and cold inside the building and the elements outside the building. This stops air conditioning from escaping and increasing your energy costs. Pair automatic doors with solar panels and you will see significant savings and lessen your environmental impact. 

FAAC Automatic Door -Swing Double


Installing automatic doors will modernise your home or business in 2023. Automatic doors modernise a business by being sleek and indiscreet but providing customers with ease of access and convenience. 

At home, they can be part of the larger automation of your home. With Google Home now a common feature in homes you can sync and automate your doors to work with your Google Home and other smart home features. Truly modernising your home in 2023.

Automatic Door Slider

Building Requirement

Installing automatic opening doors may be a building requirement in your state. Check your local building codes to ensure you are complying with discrimination and accessibility laws. With the rapid changes occuring due to the spread of COVID 19 it may in the future be a requirement for high traffic businesses to install automatic doors.

National Disability Scheme (NDIS ) Approved

Automatic opening doors can be funded through NDIS plans. With the help of a qualified occupational therapist, automatic doors may be funded under home modifications in your NDIS plan. Action Auto Door is a registered NDIS provider and experienced in installing automatic doors in homes and business for NDIS participants.

For more information on installing automatic opening doors in your home or business contact us today.


Automatic Sliding Doors Melbourne

Automatic Sliding Doors MelbourneAction Auto Door provide a range of quality automatic sliding doors for commercial businesses and homes. Automatic doors are found throughout Melbourne and provide easy access for people to enter and exit buildings, businesses and homes. To stop the spread of germs and viruses hands free, touch-less doors are an important consideration for all businesses.

As we know the weather in Melbourne can often be unpredictable. Installing automatic sliding doors can also help regulate the temperature in your building by stopping the heat or cold from your air conditioner being lost. This also ensures that energy bills remain lower. 

Automatic Sliding Doors work with a motion sensor that automatically opens as people approach. Automatic doors in Melbourne are most commonly made from framed or frameless glass. They are built to the highest specifications so they are resistant to weather and breakage.

Automatic Sliding Door Melbourne

Our automatic sliding door range of operators have been used for over 60 years in Australia and Europe and meet stringent Australian and European standards. 

FAAC and Ditec have a range of automatic door operators that are suited to Melbourne and the variety of weather conditions. The FAAC 1400 Air can be used on most sliding door applications . If you have a particularly heavy door or telescopic doors the Ditec Valor has a range of operators that can be used depending on your situation. 

Automatic Sliding Doors Melbourne and The Weather- As Melbourne can experience windy weather conditions our operators are guaranteed to be built from heavy duty steel that can withstand windy conditions. Some operators on the market claim to be made in Australia but are imported from Asia and “put together” in Australia. This can mean that parts and mechanics can be inferior and do not withstand long term use and adverse weather conditions. 

They are also built to withstand continued use having been tested for up to a million cycles. This means that if you have a steady stream of foot traffic in your building these operators will last. 

Our automatic sliding door operators are most commonly seen in commercial businesses and buildings but can also be set up in homes. If you have sliding doors at home these operators can be custom fit to your needs. We are a NDIS registered provider and are specialists at fitting disability access doors in homes and business. 

Our sliding door operators can also be fitted to disabled toilet doors and customised with push button door locks and openers. We can also install automatic door operators on swing doors.


Contact us for further information on how we can help find an automatic door opening solution for your Melbourne business or home. 

We distribute and install across Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

Automatic Door Slider

Automatic Swing Doors For Home & Business

Automatic Swing Doors are a reliable and trusted way to ensure ease of access in homes and business. There are a range of reasons why installing automatic swing doors in your home or business may be a practical solution to accessibility issues that come with opening and closing a swing door. 

Reasons for installing automatic swing doors:

  • Safety
  • Ensuring ease of access
  • Hygienic solution- stops people touching doors
  • Unable to convert existing swing doors to sliding doors 
Action Auto Door has a range of affordable automatic door openers than can be installed in homes or businesses.

Swing Doors in homes and business can often be heavy and cumbersome to open. This can mean that adding an automatic swing door opener allows people to access their home or businesses faster and more safely. 

It also helps businesses to be COVID safe as having automatic swing doors stops people touching doors and helps lessen the spread of germs and viruses. 


Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Doors 2

Action Auto Door specialises in installing Automatic Swing Door Openers in homes for the elderly and disabled and commercial businesses.

Automatic Swing Doors are not something that people have always considered as a viable option for opening and closing front entry doors. Auto Swing Door operators can also be added to security screens and internal doors.

It is becoming more common to see homes that are custom built for the disabled and elderly have automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors as a feature of their design. 

How are they installed? 

Automatic Swing Door operators are mounted internally above the front entry door. It is important to have some space above the entry door for the operator to be mounted but there are also slim design operators that can be fitted in small spaces.

The wiring for the operator can be hidden inside the walls and where this is not possible conduit can be used to hide any cabling that might be exposed. 


Automatic swing door operators in homes are usually installed with an opening and closing sensor that is activated by a push button remote control. They can also be installed with sensors that can work with hands-free devices. 


In businesses, the swing doors can be activated to open by motion sensors, push buttons or hands free wave sensors. These are mounted to the wall where people enter and exit the buildings. 



Are they safe?

People worry that the operator may not lock their door securely, this is not the case. Our European operators FAAC and Ditec have been tried and tested to Australian standards for safety and design. They also pass safety the quality standards of Europe’s most stringent regulator for quality TUV. 

The speed and force of the door opening and shutting are pre programmed by our installers. This is based on the door size and weight. The operator smart control board recognises if it connects with an obstacle and can be set to just stop or re-open.

For added safety, sensors can be installed on the door on one or both sides. There are two options for this

  • A door safety curtain that sits on the door leaf and runs across 
  • Or a flat scan sensor that sits on the hinge corner of the door leaf

Safety Curtains

The sensors look/detect to see if anything or anybody is in the way of the swing of the door. 

If there is then they will not let the door open or close. The flat scan sensor does the same as the safety curtain but also covers the hinge point so is great to have in child care centres or when children are often around.

Both will stop the door from hitting anyone if they detect anything in the way. 

We take the time to adjust the open and close door settings to meet your requirements for safe entry and exit. Our automatic swing door openers work with your current lock setting in your door so securely locking your door is not an issue.

The operator works with the your door lockset via an electric strike, the electric strike releases the door lock and then the motor drives the door open. When the door closes the electric strike locks.

If you are looking for a keyless entry for your automatic door we often install handsfree sensors and phone applications that work for wheelchair access. We also have push button and swipe card options. Contact us to discuss your requirements we are sure there will be an option to suit your needs

On Door Sensor Swing Door
On Door Sensor
Flat Scan Sensor Swing Door
Flat Scan Sensor
Are they noisy?

People also ask are automatic swing door openers noisy? Our FAAC operator is the quietest operator available. It works at the lowest operating noise level in both the spring and motorised version. 

Our Ditec automatic swing door openers are compliant on fire doors in apartment buildings and a compliance certificate can be issued on completion of work for strata bodies and insurance. 

Can the door still open manually and can I use a key?

Yes the door will still work manually and will normally use the same lock/handle set you currently have installed. If you would like to use a key we install an electric strike in the frame and the lock-set stays the same so you will still be able to use the same key. The operator releases this mechanism when the button is pressed. It is also possible for the door to stay open and a standard install would have a 2 button remote that allows this.

What else should I look for when purchasing an operator?

 There is a large range of automatic swing door operators in Australia. All can have varying levels of features and functionality. 

Some things to look out for :

  • Check if the operator has a battery back up in case of power failure
  • If you are installing the operator on a fire door is the operator compliant. (it would have a current fire safety certificate).
  • Is it energy efficient and is it the right size operator for the type of door you are automating.
Benefits of a European made operator

We sell only trusted and reliable European made operators. The FAAC Group have been in the automatic door industry for over 50 years. Ditec Entrematic for over 40 years. These are well established and known brands in Australia and Europe and have met stringent standards across the world and have been proven in their reliability.

Currently there are no brands that are manufactured entirely in Australia. Parts and operators are brought in from other countries like China and are “put together” in Australian businesses. You can compare it to food labeling. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. When it comes to deciding on an operator for your swing door ensure you are considering price, quality and warranties. 

Automatic Swing Doors For Business

Automatic Swing Doors are important to consider in business for all consumers as people with trolleys, mothers with prams and people on foot all benefit from being able to enter your business quickly and safely. This leaves a good first impression when entering any business.

You will often see  Automatic Sliding Doors at the entry of most businesses. They are a practical solution in providing quick access and maintaining energy costs by containing dispersion of cooling and heating the premises. 

Automatic Swing Doors are more likely to be used where there is a single door that is needed to be automated at the front entry or internally or when installing an Automatic Disabled Toilet Door. They are often a more cost effective solution to automating doors in business as sliding doors can often be more costly to automate. We discuss automatic door costs here.

Can I replace swing doors with sliding doors?

Yes. This is sometimes the most practical and modern solution for automating the front entrance of a business. There are times where an automatic sliding door can not be installed. This can be due to the size of the doorway and space for the door leafs to slide back. If corners are in the way this can also be an issue. If this is the case it is often more affordable to automate the swing doors. To save on costs one swing door can be automated while the other remains stationary if they are double doors. 


With the spread of the Corona virus across the globe it has never been more important for businesses to have contact less entry to their premises and bathrooms. Automatic Swing doors with hands free sensors are a logical way to lessen the spread of germs and viruses among staff and customers.

Contact less door opener
Touchless Door Entry System

Legal Requirements 

It may also be a legal requirement in your state to automate entry doors to your business as there is legislation regarding discrimination laws that state that difficult to open or heavy doors need to be automated to ensure equal and fair access to all who use your building or service. Disability access doors are also required to be the right width. More information on wheelchair door widths can be found on our blog. The Australian Human Rights Commission also discusses your responsibilities in regards to disabled access modifications.

Action Auto Door have a range of automatic swing door openers that can be installed on swing doors in your home or business. We install in homes and business across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and regional centres. We are an NDIS Registered Provider and specialists in disability access doors. 

Double Automatic Swing Doors
Hospital Automatic Swing Doors
FAAC Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors – Frameless, Aluminium, Wood

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors come in a range of options depending on your requirements. Frameless,  Aluminium and Wood framed glass doors can be automated for homes or commercial premises. 

Automatic sliding glass doors are seen in shopping centres, commercial buildings and homes. They are a great way to have people move in and out of your premises easily and ensure people with mobility restrictions can enter and exit without harm.  

They also provide additional benefits to help reduce air conditioner loss and save energy. Choosing the right automatic door will come down to price and the look and functionality you require for your home or business. Automatic Sliding Glass Door options include frameless glass, aluminium framed glass or wooden framed glass doors.

Automatic Doors
Automatic Opening Doors
Ditec Olly C

Frameless glass sliding doors are a popular choice and are generally more expensive than aluminium framed glass or wooden sliding doors. Frameless glass doors look great but are much heavier than an aluminum framed sliding glass door so require more structural support.  Also if the doorway is large you then have to choose a larger operator to match the weight of the doors. 

Aluminium framed sliding glass doors are the most common automatic sliding glass doors, they are cheaper than frameless glass but are still aesthetically pleasing. You can have the frame powder coated in a variety of colours. Lighter than frameless you can have much bigger doors and still run on the standard operator to keep the price more affordable. 

Wooden framed glass doors are not commonly seen but can be designed and automated. Wood is normally used in domestic installs or when you are after privacy or a more unique design.

Internal sliding door opener
Automatic Glass Doors Entry
automatic sliding glass doors frameless

There are a range of operators that can be fitted to automatic glass sliding doors . When choosing the right automatic sliding door operator you want to look for quality European brands that have been tested by TUV – The best European brands have been tested and this will give peace of mind that you are getting a great quality operator. FAAC, Ditec, Dorma are all tested in this way.There are currently no Australian Made operators in the market. 

Action Auto Door can help with designing and automating your automatic sliding doors. When designing a new door or building it is often a good idea to contact us. Before you design your doors it is important to ensure you are building them in a way that automation can be added in the most functional and affordable way. While automatic door operators can be retrofitted to automatic sliding glass doors after completion it can sometimes be more costly to do this way.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs we install automatic sliding doors in all Australian states and territories. 

Automatic Gates Gold Coast – Sliding, Swing or Solar?

If you are looking for Automatics Gates on the Gold Coast – Action Auto Door and Gates are local specialists who can help you decide on the best Automatic Gate for your home and driveway. We also install automatic gates Australia wide . Contact us for more information.

What type of automatic gate do I need?

Many homes on the Gold Coast have automatic sliding gates installed for easy driveway access and security. Automatic sliding gates are a cost effective and reliable option when it comes to providing added security and ease when automating your driveway gates.

Automatic Swing Gates are also seen in Gold Coast homes and are a viable option for automating your gates. If you do have the space for an automatic sliding gate they are often better to install than a swing gate motor as automatic sliding gates are more secure and easier to install.

If there is not enough space for a sliding gate to slide along a fence line then an automatic swing gate is a good option. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ditec Sliding Gate
Automatic Gates- Swing
Automatic Doors Brisbane

Will my automatic gate motor withstand Gold Coast weather conditions?

Automatic gate openers on the Gold Coast need to be built to last with strong materials that can withstand the harsh Gold Coast sun. We recommend aluminium and steel gates for this reason. Our range of quality European Automatic Gates have been tried and tested in the harsh Australian environment and have been made to withstand all weather conditions.

Can I use a solar system to power my gate?

The Gold Coast is blessed with great sunny weather through out the year and you may find that using solar power may be a great option for automating your gate. There are pros and cons to installing a solar power operator but if you do not have the ability to connect power to your gate than a solar gate opener may work well for you.

There are so many brands of Automatic Gate Motors. Which should I choose?

There are many things to consider when you are choosing your automatic gates gold coast. Are you looking for the cheapest possible solution, a quality solution, or the most expensive? At Action Auto Door and Gates we offer a range of automatic gate motors from tried and tested manufacturers that are affordable, quality operators that are built to last. We stock leading gate motor Centsy D5- EVO the fastest and most sought after gate motor in the market. We are also leading suppliers of quality European brands FAAC and Ditec. These quality European motors are surprisingly affordable and from trusted and respected brands in gate automation.

For more information on automatic gates installation on the Gold Coast please contact us today we are only to happy to help.

Ditec NEO
FAAC 740
Centsys D5 Evo

Automatic Doors- Cost: Sliding, Swing, Revolving, Garage

When you search the internet, you will notice there is a huge range of options when it comes to choosing Automatic Doors. Depending on what you are looking for they can vary greatly in cost. From a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on your needs and requirements. 

Most people however will be looking to automate doors for their business or home and are looking for reliable and affordable options that are safe and efficient.

The main types of automatic doors in commercial and residential homes are:


Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors are a common feature in shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings and in disabled access bathrooms. Sliding doors in the home can also be automated to meet the needs of the elderly or disabled. 

Automatic sliding doors are often designed with glass which can be framed with aluminium or frame less. A frame less glass sliding door is more expensive than frame less options due to the weight of frame less glass and the design process involved. 

The pricing varies depending on the size of the sliding door and the amount of pedestrian traffic that will use the door. The cost will also increase if a new door has to be designed or fitted.

Prices start from about $4500- $20,000 ++

Automatic Door Slider

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic doors are also commonly seen as automatic swing doors. These can be your home entry door, an office door or commercial premises. The automatic opening door motor sits above the door and can automatically swing the door open on approach or can be opened by push button.

 Automatic Swing Door Openers tend to be more affordable than an automatic sliding door opener as they can be fitted to most swings doors without having to replace the door.

When choosing an automatic swing door opener, you also have to consider if the door you are automating is a fire rated door. If you live in a unit or are in a commercial building it will likely mean your door opener needs to meet fire door standards. Not all door openers are certified to be used on fire doors. This is important as if it does not comply your strata building may ask you to remove the opener. 

Prices start from $3500 – $10,000 ++

Automatic Opening Door

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are becoming less common and are often being replaced by sliding and swing doors in building design. This is due to the fact they are expensive to install and maintain. 

They are also a safety risk as people can often get trapped or injured in the revolving doors. They are particularly hazardous to people with mobility issues. Dorma and Kone the largest automatic door companies do still provide these types of doors. 

Price start from $20,000 +

Garage Doors

Garage Door Openers are often the most affordable option when it comes to automatic doors. If you install yourself you can by a motor online for a few hundred dollars. These cheaper motors can be unreliable and untested and if shopping for your own garage door opener it pays to use trusted brands that start at around $500 without installation. Again, depending on the type of garage door you are looking to automate the price varies.

There are many companies operating in the automatic door market in 2019. When looking to install an automatic opening door it pays to do your research and understand the products on offer.

Prices start from $200 to $5000 

Automatic Door- Garage

What automatic door should I choose? 

This will depend entirely on your home or business and budget. Action Auto Door and Gates offers a range of quality European designed automatic door operators for sliding doors, swing doors and garage doors. We have fire door compliant operators that have been tested and are issued with Australian Fire Safety Certificates.

We sell trusted European brands FAAC and DITEC. Who have been making quality, extensively tested door openers for over 60 years. They are the best and most affordable quality operators in the market.

Do you need an automatic door opener installed? If you would like to discuss your options or be provided with a quote, 

Please call 0411 126 538 or email us 

We are only too happy to help.  We endeavour to have a quote provided to you within 2 working days.

Automatic Doors For Disabled Access- What To Consider

Automatic Doors for disabled access are an essential and sometimes overlooked requirement in building design. Action Auto Door are specialists in automating disability access doors and can install automatic doors for disabled access in commercial premises and homes across Australia.

We are a NDIS Registered provider and install automatic doors for those requiring modifications in the home and for businesses looking to provide equal and clear access for customers and employees.

When looking to install Automatic doors for disabled access there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

Automatic Doors For Disabled Access – In the Home:

Is the door a fire rated door?

Units and commercial buildings doors are on most occasions fire doors. This can be checked by looking at the hinge edge of the door leaf for a small metal plate, this will say the type of fire rated core of the door and the hours it is rated to.  Not all automatic door openers have met fire door standards. We will only provide you with an operator that is tested for fire doors. This is essential to keep your door complaint with the fire standards for your building.

Is there enough room to mount an automatic door operator above the door frame?

Depending on the opening it is advisable to have 250mm above to fit most operators but it is possible to go as low as 130mm with the low-profile models. If you have less than this don’t worry, we can normally find solutions like mounting the operator on the door itself or mount the door with a push arm from the other side. We work by a case by case basis to find the best fit. 

Automatic Door Disabled Access
No space above door
Automatic Swing Door Operator
Ideal space above door

Are you completing any other home modifications? 

Often when installing an automatic door for wheelchair access other modifications may need to be made to the home. A common occurrence when automating a front door or security screen is the addition of a wheelchair access ramp. 

When designing or installing a ramp it is important to ensure that the door will still be able to swing out and function correctly after a ramp has been installed. We have come across times where new doors needed to be installed or cut to size. Discuss your requirements with your builder to ensure the ramp and automatic swing door will function together seamlessly. 

Are you installing a brand new door?

When installing a brand new door with automation in mind you need to ensure you are putting in a spring-less pivot door. Many modern homes have large pivot doors as they look modern and functional. 

The issue when adding an automatic swing door opener to a pivot door is the automatic door motor fights against the internal spring. This leads to the motor overworking and burning out. If you have a pivot door already installed we can make changes to correct the functionality but this will often incur an extra cost. If you can install a hinge door at the beginning of the design process this will save you in future costs when automating your swing door. 

Locks – Can an automatic door open by key?

Yes – the door will work as it did before the install, if a key opened the door the key will still work and the door can be pushed open. 

Do you require push button or wireless access?

We can supply hand held push buttons to open the door, WIFI or Bluetooth access by a phone and depending on a wheelchair set up link it to the wheelchair. We work out the best solution for your needs.

Automatic Doors For Disabled Access – In Business:

There are legal obligations for buildings to provide equal access to all. The Equality Act 2010 states that all service providers have a duty of care to make reasonable adjustments to their premises to ensure that physical barriers are removed to prevent people with a disability from accessing a service.

In Australia one in five people have a disability this equates to around 4 million people. Of the 4 million people with a disability, 84% have a physical condition or limitation that restricts there everyday activities. These statistics show the importance of providing safe easy access for everyone in the community.

Automatic doors for disabled access may be a mandatory requirement and we can provide advice and recommendations in regards to meeting building standards BS8300 “Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people”.

Disabled Toilet Doors are often automated in businesses, there are a number of building specs and plans available to ensure businesses are meeting the requirements for safe and easy access. Some things to consider are whether you are automating a swing or sliding door and whether you require an operator that has a battery back up in the case of a power failure. We discuss the minimum requirements and door widths for wheelchair access in our blog.

Automatic Sliding Doors for business a common feature at the entries of shopping centres, hospitals and commercial offices. These are an overlooked feature of buildings today as they are common in building design. While we may take them for granted they are an important feature in design and planning when considering automatic doors for disabled access in business. Automatic Sliding doors can also be installed in homes. 

Action Auto Door and Gates provide automatic doors and gates for homes and business. We are specialists in automatic swing doors, automatic sliding doors and automatic disabled toilet doors. Please contact us for more information.

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