NDIS Home Modification- Automatic Doors and Automation

As part of your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan you can request funding for a NDIS Home Modification to help maintain a safe and independent life at home. Automatic Doors and gates can be funded under home modification and assistive technology categories in your NDIS plan .

Action Auto Door are an NDIS registered provider and install automatic doors and gates in homes through out Australia. With extensive experience in NDIS applications we can help you with the right information to ensure you gain funding through the NDIS. 

Who To Contact In The Planning Stages?

Your first point of contact is to set up a planning meeting with a local service provider and explain the importance of receiving your home modification funding in your NDIS plan.

Your NDIS funding relies on setting goals and having these approved. In order to receive NDIS home modification funding you must set out a goal in your plan. For example “ It is very important for me to continue living independently and safely in my home”.

Once your plan is approved by the NDIS you will require a qualified occupational therapist to perform a home assessment and discuss what you need.

What Home Automation Modifications Can Be Approved?

A common home modification example for the elderly or disabled is  “I cannot lock the front door of my home as I cannot turn a key “ – this example would relate to ensuring your safety and an automatic swing door opener could be installed. It would open the door automatically via a device , remote, RFID, app on tablet etc and the door can be locked all the time.

This might be used in conjunction with a video intercom that can also release the door from a different room, a video intercom could be used these can also work with tablets and phones. There are also options to completely automate your home allowing you total freedom from the interface of your phone or tablet. Lights, music , shutters , gates and other fixtures can all be automated.

Contact us today as a NDIS Registered Provider we can help with any home modification questions. We provide automatic door and home automation services across Australia.

Assistive Technology for the Disabled

What is the best Automatic Gate Opener?

We often get asked what is the best automatic gate opener for my home or business?  There are a few things to consider but it really comes down to the site/property and the conditions.

Your 2 main options are an Automatic Sliding Gate or an Automatic Swing Gate

Automatic Sliding Gate Openers


  • Automating a sliding gate is normally cheaper than a swing gate
  • Sliding gates don’t get affected by wind like swing gates
  • Take up less space on your driveway when opening and closing


  • Main issue is having the space in one direction of the gate posts, you need the width of the gate plus 30-40cm.
  • You might have room to do a double sliding having half the width plus 30-40cm on each side, this does mean two motors and two gates, however.
Sliding gate picture with arrows

Automatic Swing Gate Openers


  • If you have a single gate you only have one gate and one motor, this means less cost on the installation.
  • Advantage to the double gate is that they take up less room, the ark/swing of the gates is less.
  • They are less affect by wind than a single gate
  • The weight of the gates is split so less stress than a single gate.


  • Usually more expensive to install as double the motors and you need to get power to the other side of the driveway to power the second motor.
  • The image shows the swing of a single (blue) or Double (red) gates.
Shows the swing ark of a single and double gate

If you do have a choice then the best automatic gate opener to choose is a sliding gate opener.  There is less stress on the gate as the weight is on two wheels rather than on the gate post and hinges.You might not have room either side of the opening to run the gate along or the driveway is uneven to run the gate track on if this is the case that an automatic swing opener is for you and works just as well. 

For more information and help on choosing the best automatic gate opener for your needs contact us today!

Automatic Door Opener – How Do They Work?

Below is a video of a recent install that shows an Automatic Door Opener in operation using the Ditec Dab105. The automatic door opener is being operated via a remote control, you can see me pressing it in the first time the door is opened.

This is the basics of how we install an automatic door opener and automatic door closer. 

1)First we install the Ditec Dab105  and mount above the doorway, this holds the motor and control board.

2) In this video the standard strike plate on door frame ( see below for image of a strike plate.)  was replaced with an electric one.

3) The FES20 electric door strike, allows the electric door motor to release the door lock by an electric pulse. The flap on the electric strike releases so the door locks tongue can get past it and let the door open automatically.

4) The door can open freely and will stay open between 5 to 30 seconds. We can set this up for your specific requirements.

5)The electric motor drives the door open and then the spring/motor pulls the door shut and locks the door. In most cases the existing locks will still work as they did before via key and handle from the outside and by the handle on the inside.

I hope this gives you some understanding of how an automatic door opener and closer works. We specialise in automatic swing door openers for residential and commercial requirements so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or check out our range of operators