Automatic Toilet Doors – Privacy Door Kits

Automatic Toilet Doors – Privacy Door Kits 

Our privacy door kits are compliant with ALL Australian Building Standards. These include:

  • Australian standards AS 1428.1-2009 Design for access and mobility
  • Australian standards AS 5007-2007 Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress
  • NCC 2019 BCA – Building code of Australia
  • DDA Compliant

The automatic toilet doors privacy kits feature raised writing or tactile characters and corresponding braille on both plates indicating the buttons and LED’s, the system also features a voice prompt that will advise when the buttons are pressed. The voice recording has been updated with an Australian accent voice over.autom

Automatic Toilet Doors Privacy Kit
Outside and Internal Plates

How the privacy kits work step by step:

1)From the outside of the toilet – Press the “Green – Push to open” button, the automatic door opens, voice says: “Door is opening“.

The Unlocked LED indicator light on the inner panel warns that the lock button has not been pressed as its still green unlocked.

2)After entering the toilet, press the black “Push to lock” button on the inner panel to close the door. Voice: “Door is closing ,press push to lock to lock the door”;

3)The “Occupied” indicator on the outer panel lights up red and the “Locked indicator on the inner panel” lights up red

If the outside Green push button is press when occupied – the voice will say “Occupied

and the door will not be opened.

4)The door will not be opened until the button is pressed-  ” Green push to open” button, voice “door is opening”.


5) After 25 minutes the toilet will prompt that the push to lock button needs to be pressed in the next 5 minutes or the door will unlock. If the lock button is pressed the timer re-starts again. – this is to stop the door being left out of service as someone has used the handle set to leave without using the push buttons on a swing door disabled toilet set up.

Included in the automatic toilet doors privacy kit:

Inside the external plate – 1 x large green push button for entry with indicator LED lights to show if the toilet is in use with vacant – green and occupied in red

Inside the internal plate – 1 large green mushroom push button and 1 x black push button with indicator LED lights to show if the toilet is in use with vacant – green and occupied in red

The system can be used for both swing and slide set ups and with all makes and models of automatic door motors

Inside plate measures 200mm wide by 230mm high

Outside plate measures 200mm wide by 180mm high

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic swing doorsautomatic sliding doorsdisabled toilet door systemsgate openers and access control accessories. We install Australia wide and offer obligation free quotes. Contact us today for all your automatic door needs. We are NDIS Registered.

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