FAAC Australia Door Openers

Action Auto Door provide installation services for FAAC Australia Door Openers and Automatic Gate Openers. We install and distribute across Australia. The FAAC Australia range of door openers are built to stringent European standards all FAAC door openers meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and are tested to stringent European Standard DIN EN16005 (durability and safety).

FAAC Australia are leaders in automatic pedestrian doors. With over 60 years of experience FAAC pedestrian door openers are known for outstanding performance, advanced technology and for their consideration to environmental impact. They are reliable, safe and excellent value for money.

FAAC provides automatic door openers for commercial sliding and swing doors in offices, schools, factories, hospitals and age care facilities. FAAC door openers can also be fitted to security screen doors in homes and business.

FAAC Australia 950N Swing Door Operator

Sleek and modern in design the 950N series of operators open and close in absolute silence. They can be installed above the door on the architrave and directly on the door if required.

FAAC 950N2

The FAAC 950N2 can be used to automate double entrances by setting up two units in a master configuration allowing the double doors to move as a single system.

  • Max performances of sliding arm 194kg or up to 1.4 m 
  • Max performances of push arm 367kg or up to 1.4 m 
  • Motor opening – spring and motor closing
  • Lifecycle over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Hold open time 0 to 30 s
  • Product dimensions (mm) 105x160x530
  • Features two control boards
  • 950MPS Inbuilt encoder-controlled control board 
  • 950 I/O Inbuilt input/output board control board for electronic strike and sensors
FAAC Australia 950N2
Plastic Cover
FAAC Australia 950N2
Metal Cover

FAAC 951 

  • Max performances of sliding arm 100g or up to 1.1 m Motor opening – Motor closing
  • Lifecycle over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Hold open time 0 to 30 s
  • Product dimensions (mm) 70x60x575
  • Inbuilt encoder-controlled control board
  • Low profile of 7cm
  • Battery backup option
  • Made in Italy
  • Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜ
FAAC Australia 951

FAAC Australia Automatic Sliding Doors 

FAAC Australia has a range of models in the FAAC 1400 AIR series that can be all installed on automatic sliding doorsContact us to discuss the model for your requirements. 

FAAC Australia 1400 Air