Automatic Hands Free Door Opener: How do they reduce germs?

hands free door opener is a simple yet effective way to decrease the transmission of germs and bacteria. With the current spread of the coronavirus throughout the world a germ free door opener decreases the need for people to make contact with doors and door handles. 

Research states that door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria and transmission of viruses and germs,  in particular public door handles. The colonisation of bacteria on door handles is particularly evident on bathroom door handles and door handles in medical facilities. 

Hands free door openers for bathrooms are a smart yet effective way of ensuring no contact is required after using public bathroom facilities. As you may have noticed more and more public bathrooms are installing contact-less taps, sanitary bins and hand drying facilities. Doors in public restrooms can also be made hands free by installing automatic swing door openers or automatic sliding door openers.

Hands Free Door Opener
Hand Free Door Opener

These doors can work by sensor technology to ensure no contact is required when entering and exiting a bathroom. 

A hands free door opener is also very useful and important in medical centres and hospitals where there is the possibility of virus transfer to the immune compromised. People are often unaware of the time it takes to wash your hands thoroughly and effectively to stop the transfer of germs. People also unconsciously touch their face and contaminated areas without even realising thus further increasing the chance of spreading germs.

Hospital Automatic Swing Doors
Double Automatic Swing Doors

While this article is not based on exact science it does give you an idea about the severity of the amount of germs on a public door handle in a hospital in the US. 

Installing a hand free door opener will ensure one less contact point for people to acquire and spread bacteria and viruses . Installing germ free door openers along with encouraging good hand hygiene are important factors in stopping the spread of a virus like COVID-19. 

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic hands free door openers in businesses and homes. Door openers can be installed on swing doors, sliding doors and disabled toilet doors.  CleanSwitch is a contact-less switch that uses modern cutting edge sensor technology to open and close doors in strict hygiene environments like hospitals, bathrooms and restaurants. Combined with an automatic door opener these switches ensure hygienic access and improved accessibility. 

A hands free door opener can also be linked with mobile phones and wireless – blue tooth technology for hands free entry at home to improve accessibility for the elderly or disabled. 

For more information and an obligation free quote contact Action Auto Door we install in all Australian states and territories.  

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