Action Auto Door can install Automatic Sliding Doors in businesses and residential homes.

We install in all Australian states and territories – Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory , Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Contact us for more information.

We supply and install quality European sliding door openers from trusted and reliable European brands FAACDitec and FACE

All our operators are quality controlled and TUV tested and certified. All meet Australian building standards and are leaders in quality and design. 

COVID compliant all doors open by automatic sensors or WAVE technology. Push button options are also available.


FACE Automatic Sliding Doors

New to our range and leading innovators in automatic doors, Italian designed and manufactured FACE automatic sliding doors are TUV tested to work for 5 MILLION CYCLES. No other operator in Australia can make these claims. What this means is you will get a longer life span out of your operator. 

The closet current operators in Australia are tested for  1 million cycles. This is a huge difference in the number of operations the operator can withstand and ensures you will get a much longer life out of FACE sliding door operators. 

Gear Free Automatic Operators…

Brushless , gear free motors ensure FACE motors are exceptionally quiet . 

No gear box also ensures that maintenance costs are reduced. 

The brushes are the component that are most subject to wear and tear in a standard DC motor. (all operators currently in Australia use a DC motor). 

The service life is almost 10 times longer than a conventional operator.


FACE Brushless Sliding Door

No1 Energy Saving Automatic Doors….

FACE are also leading the way in energy performance with a guaranteed energy reduction of 54%. 

Winners of the 2018 innovation awards for energy efficiency.

FACE designs their operators with a passion and respect for the environment which not only helps the planet but also reduces costs to business

FACE Energy Efficient Operator
Automatic sliding doors


  • Tested up to 5 million cycles (more than any other Australian operator)
  • Brushless gearbox – exceptionally quiet, less maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Award Winning Design
  • Elegant, technologically advanced function selector- programmable by Bluetooth
  • 100kg single door
  • 90kg x 2 for Double door
  • Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜD
  • Made In Italy
  • Product Brochure

FAAC Automatic Sliding Doors

FAAC have been manufacturing quality automatic doors and gates for the residential and commercial industry since 1965. They are the leading brand in the door and gate automation market. FACC engineer dependable, versatile cutting-edge automation systems that are used worldwide.

The FACC automatic sliding doors are some of the most elegant and discreet motors on the market. Always leading the way in technological advancement, they have distinguished themselves as the leaders in modern automation.

FAAC Automatic Sliding Doors operators can be fitted to sliding doors in schools, offices, shopping centres, commercial premises and can be retrofitted to sliding doors in the home.

All automatic sliding door operators meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and are tested to stringent European Standard DIN EN16005 (durability and safety)

Automatic Sliding Door

The FAAC 1400 AIR 

  • Tested up to 1 Million cycles
  • Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜD
  • Made In Italy
  • Powerful 36V motor with encoder
  • Is fitted with energy saving features that optimise opening and closing times to avoid unneeded air dispersion
  • Automation can be customised and can be assembled to meet any architectural need
  • 200Kg Single door
  • 120Kg x 2 for Double door
  • TUV Tested
  • FAAC 1400AIR Brochure

Ditec Automatic Sliding Doors 

The Das107Plus is a new automatic sliding door operator from Ditec and is a fantastic addition to the range, its designed for standard door sizes for single or bi-parting setups. It can handle any door type including frameless glass. It has all the features for safety and access control to meet any requirement and is our first choice for automatic glass sliding doors.

We also use  the Valor series on our automated glass doors. The Valor series consists of four Valor operators, this gives this operator a fantastic range on its own to cover the rest of the sliding door set ups in the market place.

  • It can do oversized or heavy doors
  • Telescopic doors
  • Break out doors that swing open in an emergency
Automatic Sliding Door operator installed

Ditec DAS107PLUS

Ditec DAS107PLUS is the new auto sliding door operator able to satisfy all requirements in standard commercial environments with frame weight up to 160 kg.

Performing electromechanical operator for up to 160 kg door weight

  • Tested up to 1 Million cycles
  • Long-lasting automation with 24 V DC DUNKERMOTOREN™ with built-in Encoder
  • Reinforced techno-polymer wheels in DUPONT™ Delrin®
  • Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜD
  • Ditec DAS107 product brochure
Automatic Opening Doors

Ditec Valor

Ditec Valor is at the very top of Entrematic’s range. A highly versatile product for a complete  automated glass door system: from Valor L and P for the most demanding commercial needs, to Valor N for heavy duty use; telescopic Valor T for wide access gates and Valor R for safe, reliable, opening and closing along escape routes.

  • State of the art technology
  • Self-regulating opening time and through passage
  • Tested up to 1 million cycles
  • Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜD
  • Ditec Valor product brochure

Automatic Sliding Door For Home 

We have a range of affordable automatic sliding door operators for the home that can be custom fit to sliding doors. 

The Ditec OLLY and Ditec CIVIC are our most cost effective option for automation at home.

Action Auto Door are an NDIS Registered Provider and are leaders in helping you navigate funding and installation advice for people looking to mover more freely through their home. Contact us for further information .

Ditec Olly C 

The Ditec Olly C is smaller in size to fit perfectly in residential home applications. While smaller in size it does not compromise on performance. 

Ditec Olly C
  • Made in Italy
  • Customised for easy in home installation 
  • Compatible with all commercially available guides for hideaway doors Compact, light and silent
  • Multiple functions, push and go , sensors, remote, push button , apps, RFID card, jelly button activation 
  • Capacity 40 kg (1 wing) 55 kg (2 wings)
Automatic Doors Sliding

The Ditec CIVIK 

The Ditec CIVIK can be used on all types of sliding doors in the home. Perfect for automating your glass patio doors or cavity sliding doors internally. 

Can be set up to be opened by handsfree and push button technology.

Ditec Civik Auto Door
  • Made in Italy 
  • Compact Sleek Design
  • Automation system applicable to generic frames, glass and wood wings 
  • Capacity 60 kg (1 wing) 80 kg (2 wings)
  • Hands free and push button technology for opening

TÜV or Technical Inspection Association. TÜV is the leading and the most competent provider of product testing and certifications for the worldwide marketplace.

All automatic sliding door operators meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and are tested to stringent European Standard DIN EN16005 for durability and safety.

Contact Action Auto Door to discuss what automatic sliding door option suits your needs. We provide installation services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and most regional centres across Australia.