Electric Strikes and Automatic Doors

Electric strikes are not something you probably think of very often but they are very important for keeping your place safe and secure. You will often have the choice between an electric strike and a magnetic lock when an automatic door is being installed. 

What is an Electric Strike?

An electric strike is a device used in access control systems to secure doors. It replaces a traditional strike plate in the door frame and operates by electric current. When activated, usually by a keypad, card reader, or other access control device, the electric strike temporarily releases the door’s latch or lock mechanism, allowing the door to be opened. Once the access control system signals that the door should be locked again, the electric strike re-engages, securing the door.

Electric strikes offer several advantages over traditional locks, including remote control, the ability to integrate with access control systems, and increased security because of their ability to release the door latch only when authorised. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where access control and security are paramount. They can also be installed in homes and are used to allow for better access for the elderly and disabled. 

When someone swipes a keycard, punches in a code, or even just gives a friendly wave at your access control system, the electric strike springs into action. It’s like a little high-five between technology and security. The door unlocks just long enough for your customers or employees to come and go, and then it’s back to business as usual.

Electric strikes aren’t just about security—they’re also about convenience. No more fumbling around with keys or worrying about who has access to which areas. With electric strikes, you’re in control, whether you’re at the counter, in the office, or even miles away.

Door with electric strike
Electric Strikes

Key Features of Electric Strikes and Automatic Doors

  • Electric strikes mount in the door frame 
  • A wire runs from the strike to the motor in order to work
  • Electric strikes work with a handle set (often we can use the existing one installed)
  • When activated they let the tongue of the handle set pass them – like a gate and then lock after, when the door returns to the closed position it can lock into the strike like a normal door latch and the door locks again.
  • Backup for exit is the door handle, like a normal door, push down and you can exit or use a key from the other side to enter.
  • Electric strikes can be powered to stay locked – fail-safe – this means when no power is on the strike you can push the door open.Or power to open when required – fail-secure – this means the strike stays locked and you have security 
  • Examples of use for these would be in your house. You would want a fail-secure or an exit to a commercial building you may want to open so people can exit quicker without pushing the handle down.
  • They can be monitored or unmonitored – know if they are open or closed. 
  • They can be used with double doors if only one door is being used – cannot have 2 x doors opening and use the strike.This is because you could just push the doors open as there is nothing holding the second door locked. We also need to get the wire from the second door to the motor which can be tricky

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic door openers, disabled toilet door systems and automatic sliding doors across Australia. Contact us for more information and an obligation free quote. We are a NDIS Registered Provider

Automatic Domestic Sliding Doors

Automatic Domestic Sliding Doors – Action Auto Door looks at your options when it comes to automating domestic sliding doors. Being able to move freely through your home is something that is often taken for granted. When mobility restrictions make it difficult to open and close sliding doors in the home the best option is to add an automatic door operator to the doors in your home. Below we answer some common questions in regards to automating domestic sliding doors. 

Can a single panel sliding door be automated?

Yes we can normally do this, but a few things need to be considered before moving forward with an automatic domestic sliding door. 

  • Is the door a new door?
  • Is the door very heavy due to weight eg – double glazed?
  • Does the door slide well for an able-bodied person with 2-3 fingers or is it hard for them as well?
  • We also cannot have curtains etc as they could get caught in the door movement, they would need to be removed.  
  • If the door is hard to open for everyone then it will need to have the wheels replaced. It might also require the track to be capped – track capping will only be needed if the current one is damaged, you can tell by looking at the track and seeing if it’s dented and rough or smooth. 
  • If it’s dented and rough and you don’t cap the track then the wheels wear out again quickly.
  • We have used this company and they have been good so far www.slidingdoordoctor.com.au.
  • Sometimes this is enough for clients to use without needing to automate the door.

For patio doors we retro-fit a commercial sliding door motor.  The door needs to slide like new before we can install the motor and for it to function properly. 


Cavity Sliding doors can also be automated more affordably with our smaller domestic cavity slider motors. We use the Topp V1 sliding motor that can be retro fitted to doors between 700mm – 1200mm wide. They are slim and can be retro-fitted to most cavity doors.

They can be set up to open and auto close or open and stay open until a button is pressed.  They do not lock and if there is a power failure they can be pushed open. 

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic door openersautomatic sliding doorsautomatic swing doors and disabled toilet door systems in domestic and commercial settings. We specialise in disabled access options and are NDIS Registered. We install automatic door operators across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth , Hobart and most regional centres. Contact us for a free quote. 

Automatic Domestic Sliding Door
Automatic Cavity Sliding Door

FACE Sliding Doors

FACE Sliding Doors are a new generation of automatic door operators that are built with efficiency, reliability and the environment in mind.

Action Auto Door are leading suppliers of FACE Sliding Doors in Sydney, Melbourne , Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and all major regional areas of Australia.

FACE Sliding Doors are designed with an innovative brushless motor. What this means is that FACE automatic door motors are the most efficient and reliable automatic door motors in the Australian market.

Designed in Italy with the belief that automatic door motors need to be more efficient, energy conscious and produce less waste, the FACE motor is leading the way in the automatic door industry. 

FACE Sliding Doors

FACE Sliding Doors have designed a simple motor that is easy to install , with no gear box or battery . What this means is less waste impacting the environment and a motor that lasts at least 5 million cycles. Other operators in the Australian market have only been tested to 1 million cycles. Buying a FACE motor ensures you are buying the latest technology that is designed to last many years more than other operators in the Australian market. 

With less components and engine parts this means that FACE sliding door motors require less scheduled maintenance visits. This saves you time and money over the years of your motor.  

FACE has patented a supercapacitor battery that does away with the need for Lead batteries that are less efficient and significant contributors to waste and pollution. This design saw the motor awarded the R + T  GOLD INNOVATION AWARD 2021. FACE continues to design and manufacture their motors with the environment and energy efficacy at the forefront of their design. 

FACE Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial

FACE sliding doors can also claim that their motors use 50% less energy than traditional automatic sliding door motors in the market. With energy costs rising the FACE motor is a logical choice when automating your sliding doors. 


For more information on FACE sliding door motors or our range of automatic swing door operators contact Tim at Action Auto Door for an obligation free chat and quote. Ph: 0411 126 538 . Email. Tim@actionautodoor.com.au

Automatic Toilet Doors – Privacy Door Kits

Automatic Toilet Doors – Privacy Door Kits 

Our privacy door kits are compliant with ALL Australian Building Standards. These include:

  • Australian standards AS 1428.1-2009 Design for access and mobility
  • Australian standards AS 5007-2007 Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress
  • NCC 2019 BCA – Building code of Australia
  • DDA Compliant

The automatic toilet doors privacy kits feature raised writing or tactile characters and corresponding braille on both plates indicating the buttons and LED’s, the system also features a voice prompt that will advise when the buttons are pressed. The voice recording has been updated with an Australian accent voice over.autom

Automatic Toilet Doors Privacy Kit
Outside and Internal Plates

How the privacy kits work step by step:

1)From the outside of the toilet – Press the “Green – Push to open” button, the automatic door opens, voice says: “Door is opening“.

The Unlocked LED indicator light on the inner panel warns that the lock button has not been pressed as its still green unlocked.

2)After entering the toilet, press the black “Push to lock” button on the inner panel to close the door. Voice: “Door is closing ,press push to lock to lock the door”;

3)The “Occupied” indicator on the outer panel lights up red and the “Locked indicator on the inner panel” lights up red

If the outside Green push button is press when occupied – the voice will say “Occupied

and the door will not be opened.

4)The door will not be opened until the button is pressed-  ” Green push to open” button, voice “door is opening”.


5) After 25 minutes the toilet will prompt that the push to lock button needs to be pressed in the next 5 minutes or the door will unlock. If the lock button is pressed the timer re-starts again. – this is to stop the door being left out of service as someone has used the handle set to leave without using the push buttons on a swing door disabled toilet set up.

Included in the automatic toilet doors privacy kit:

Inside the external plate – 1 x large green push button for entry with indicator LED lights to show if the toilet is in use with vacant – green and occupied in red

Inside the internal plate – 1 large green mushroom push button and 1 x black push button with indicator LED lights to show if the toilet is in use with vacant – green and occupied in red

The system can be used for both swing and slide set ups and with all makes and models of automatic door motors

Inside plate measures 200mm wide by 230mm high

Outside plate measures 200mm wide by 180mm high

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic swing doorsautomatic sliding doorsdisabled toilet door systemsgate openers and access control accessories. We install Australia wide and offer obligation free quotes. Contact us today for all your automatic door needs. We are NDIS Registered.

Automatic Doors and The Environment

Automatic Doors and The Environment – We don’t often get asked about the environmental credentials and benefits of our automatic door operators. With energy costs rising and concerns about environmental waste it’s now becoming a topic of interest.  


FACE Automatic Door Systems take pride in being the leaders in a new generation of environmentally friendly automatic doors. 


With the environment front and centre FACE motors are designed and manufactured in a way that lessens their impact on the planet. The automatic door operators are a simple design that creates less waste.

The brushless gear box free motors are designed with simple and recyclable components. 

Lead batteries have been substituted with supercapacitor technology. What is a supercapacitor you ask and what are its advantages?

  • Longer lifespan
  • No temperature sensitivity in terms of charge or product lifespan
  • No toxic chemical products or heavy metals
  • No hazardous waste or waste disposal cost
  • No transportation restrictions and higher shipping costs
  • Cheaper in the long term
Automatic Doors and The Environment

With components that are leading the way in lessening their environmental impact. FACE motors were awarded the R & T Innovation Award in 2021.


With energy costs increasing at an alarming rate it is important that automatic door operators are as energy efficient as possible. FACE again are the leaders in energy efficiency. A FACE operator is 50% more energy efficient than any other operator in the market. Along with the fact the motors last 5 times longer than other operators in the market you can be sure you will save money in the long run when choosing a FACE motor. Better for the environment and money saving. What more could you ask for in an automatic door operator?


Action Auto Door supply and install FACE automatic door motors and other leading European automatic door openers throughout Australia. We are experts in disabled access and are NDIS Registered providers. With installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra , Gold Coast and major regional centres contact us for an obligation free quote. 

Auto Swing Doors- Install with limited space

Auto swing doors need enough room above the door to mount the motor but sometimes there is not enough space to fit a motor.  If there is not enough space above the door there are a few options that can be considered, depending on the type of door we are dealing with.

If the auto swing door is a fire rated door – we are unable to mount the motor to the door so we have to if possible mount the motor into the ceiling space above the door.  If it’s not a fire door – we can sometimes mount the motor onto the door itself.

Mounting onto the door itself is a last resort as it can add other issues. 

  • Room between the door and the wall when open has to have enough space. This is to ensure the door closer does not bang against the wall when the door is open, this can be seen in the images below.
  • We would also need a transfer hinge to stop the wiring from being pinched – for the power cord and the access control wiring
  • The door has to be strong enough to hold the weight and forces of the motor
Auto Swing doors opening size
Cable Door
Auto Swing Doors external

When possible the best option is to mount in the ceiling space above the door.  Most apartments have a gyprock space above or commercial units have false ceilings. As long as there are not any utilities like water pipes, other pipes, air conditioning units in the way. If the area is clear  we can mount the motor and then drop an extension spindle through the ceiling to attach to the door.

Auto Swing Doors Internal Cavity
Motor Inside Roof Cavity
Roof Cavity Installation

The best way to avoid having to custom fit auto swing doors is to contact us in the design and planning stages of a new build. We can work with builders and architects to ensure that the auto swing door opener will fit above the door for easy installation. We also ensure the door and operator comply with all building and disability standards. 


Not only is space above the door important but also space and distance to surrounding objects to ensure easy access for people.  This is especially important in disabled toilet and bathroom design. 


Action Auto Door install automatic swing doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic disabled toilet doors, automatic gates and automatic door sensors. We install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast and major regional centres across Australia. We are NDIS Registered and specialise in disabled access doors. Contact us for more information and a no obligation free quote. 

Automatic Doors Sydney

Automatic Doors SydneyAction Auto Door supply and install automatic doors throughout Sydney and New South Wales. Our fully insured and experienced installers provide fast and efficient installation services of automatic door openers in residential and commercial premises. We also service all states and territories throughout Australia. 


Our range of quality swing door openers, automatic sliding doors and disabled access doors allows us to provide automatic door openers that meet the need of any situation.

Stringently tested our automatic door operators meet and exceed the Australian standards for door automation. The FACE SL4 operator has been tested to 5 million cycles. 5 times more than any other operator in the Australian market. This guarantees your operator will outlast any other operator in the Australian market. 

Ditec Civik Auto Door
Automatic Doors Sydney

Automatic Doors Sydney Residential and Commercial 


We are experts in both home and commercial automatic door applications. We specialise in disability access and have the answers and expertise to ensure your doors are compliant with current disability access standards. We also work closely with occupational therapists and the NDIS to ensure homes are accessible for people with mobility restrictions. 


Automatic Disabled Toilet Doors are also important to design correctly to meet disability and building requirements. We can help you navigate this correctly during the design stage and fit out of disabled toilet cubicles.


Our Automatic Swing Doors are the most affordable and reliable in the market. Our preferred swing door operator is the FAAC 140N . Trialled and tested extensively in the European and Australia markets these operators provide simple quiet functionality and are built to last. We also have a range of operators to suit any situation. Our LABEL slimline design can fit in smaller spaces, our DITEC operator comes with battery backup. All our operators are made and engineered in Italy ensuring quality is paramount. 


Our Sliding Door Operators are also European made with  the FACE SL4 leading the market in durability and design. With award winning energy design you will be saving 50% in energy costs compared to other operators in the market. 

With gearless motors the FACE operators are extremely quiet and require less maintenance than traditional gear box motors. 


Automatic Swing Doors

Contact Action Auto Door today for your automatic door, automatic gate and automatic sensor needs in Sydney and NSW. We also supply and install automatic doors in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Gold Coast and major regional centres . We are a registered NDIS Provider and specialise in disability access. Contact us for more information.

Contact less door opener
Hands free door opener disabled

Automatic Door Actuator

Automatic Door Actuator – Our range of automatic door actuators work in a variety of commercial and residential settings. Action Auto Door supply and install automatic door actuators across Australia. Contact us for more information.

TOPP Cavity Slider
FAAC Automatic Doors
Automatic Sliding Door Melbourne

What is an automatic door actuator?

Never heard of an actuator? These days they are more commonly referred to as an automatic door motor or operator. Basically an actuator is an electronic device/motor that is fitted to doors to allow them to open automatically.

Often fitted with sensors to detect movement and ensure they open and close safely,  automatic door actuators can be opened by sensor detection or in a number of different ways.

Other options include push button activation-  these can be remote control or wall mounted push buttons,  wave hands free sensor buttons, WIFI mobile phone apps, keypad entry and RFID cards. Jelly Bean buttons can also be used and are often an option for people in wheelchairs. 

Touchless Exit Button
Wave Sensor
Mobile Phone App
Olly Automatic Door Slider
Sensor Activation

Automatic Door Actuators are one of those things in life that are commonly everywhere but not really noticed. Shopping Centres, Airports, Hospitals are a few of the places where you will see a lot of automatic doors. Commercial premises often have automatic doors fitted and after COVID the need for touchless entry to premises became even more important.  


Automatic Door Actuators are also seen in homes. Most people think of automatic garage doors and automatic gates when you consider automation at home. We specialise in automating doors within homes for the elderly and disabled. 

Having an automatic door opener fitted to your front door or bathroom door in the home allows people with mobility restrictions to safely enter and exit their property and move safely through their home. 

We are an NDIS registered provider and specialise in custom fitting automatic door actuators in homes, businesses and disabled access toilets. We are fully across and compliant with all disability building codes. Ask us a question about your new disabled toilet fit out or disabled access fire door and we will have the answer. 

Our automatic doors are all quality controlled and European made. This ensures you are getting the most technically advanced and quality tested in the market. Our FACE automatic sliding doors are tested to 5 Million cycles. No other operator in the Australia market comes close. 1 Million cycles is the best an other competitor can attest to in the Australian market.

Action Auto Door specialise in automatic swing doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic disabled toilet doors and automatic door sensors and automatic gates.

Automatic Doors Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sunshine Coast

Automatic Doors Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sunshine Coast – Action Auto Door are your Queensland based automatic door company servicing the Gold Coast,  Brisbane, Sunshine Coast  plus all states and cities across Australia.

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic door openers, automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors and automatic disabled toilet doors in businesses and homes

Quality European Automatic Door Operators

We only supply top quality European motors from leading Automatic Door distributors FAAC, DITEC, FACE and LABEL SPA. Importing European motors ensures we have the best quality and most reliable operators in the Australian market.

FACE logo
FAAC logo
Automatic Gates gold coast ditec

Our FACE Automatic Door Openers are the only operators in the market that have been tested to 5 million cycles. All other operators in the Australian market have been tested to 1 million. What this means is that FACE will last longer. They also use innovative no gear box motors that are quiet and need less servicing than other operators. This saves you money over the life of the motor. Claims of operators being made in Australia are false. All motors come from overseas whether that be Europe, Asia, USA or Africa. Parts may be added in Australia but it pays to ask where your motor has been sourced from to ensure quality and longevity. 

Automatic doors gold coast
TOPP Automatic Sliding Cavity Door
Double Automatic Swing Doors

Disabled Access Specialists

Action Auto Door specialise in automatic doors for disabled access. We provide supportive and functional modifications to doors in homes and businesses to ensure safe passage for the elderly and disabled. 

NDIS Registered providers, we can work with your OT or Plan Manager to ensure you are getting the most useful and functional operator and access control for your situation. 

We have a range of automatic door sensors, remote control, wireless , RFID cards and apps that can open and close doors in a variety of ways. We can also automate your garage and gates around your home or business. 

Automatic Doors Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sunshine Coast- If you are looking for an automatic door quote for your home or business on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast  or anywhere across Australia contact Action Auto Door today. We provide fast obligation free quotes.

Contact us today 0411 126 538 or info@actionautodoor.com.au

Automatic Cavity Sliding Doors

Automatic Cavity Sliding Doors Action Auto Door supply and install automatic cavity sliding doors in homes and businesses. We have a range of operators that can be custom fitted to existing cavity sliding doors in homes and light doors in commercial premises. 

Action Auto Door are leading suppliers of automatic doors in homes and businesses. We supply and install automatic swing doorsautomatic sliding doorsdisabled toilet doors and door accessories

We have fully qualified and insured  installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast , Perth , Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart. We also cover large regional centres across all states.

Automatic Cavity Sliding Doors can be set up to open with low energy movement . The TOPP V1E requires no sensor and manages door speed by sophisticated electronic control and onboard infrared motion sensors.

The TOPP V1 E is easy to install and adapts to existing sliding doors with a maximum load of 70kg. The slimline motor is quiet , discreet and visually appealing.

TOPP Automatic Sliding Cavity Door

TOPP V1E – Cavity Slider

Technical Specifications

  • Plug and Play 
  • Made in Italy 
  • Durability- 200,000 cycles
  • Maximum Thrust Force – 67N
  • Number of Door Panels – 1 Panel 
  • Size of Opening – 700 ÷ 1200 mm
  • Power Supply – 230V 
  • Product Brochure 
TOPP Cavity Slider

We also have automatic cavity sliders available from DITEC . The Ditec Olly and CIVIC can be used and customised to your situation. 

All cavity sliders are light weight and quiet . All are suitable for cavity sliding doors in the home and in situations where there is light traffic. Perfect for lighter doors and even wardrobes. 


Action Auto Door supply and install quality European automatic door openers that are affordable and built to last. We back this with a 2 year warranty on all motors and accessories. For more information and a free quote please contact us today. 

We have installers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT and Tasmania

Email: info@actionautodoor.com.au

Phone: 0411 126 538

Ditec Olly C
Ditec Civik Auto Door