Automatic Domestic Sliding Doors

Automatic Domestic Sliding Doors – Action Auto Door looks at your options when it comes to automating domestic sliding doors. Being able to move freely through your home is something that is often taken for granted. When mobility restrictions make it difficult to open and close sliding doors in the home the best option is to add an automatic door operator to the doors in your home. Below we answer some common questions in regards to automating domestic sliding doors. 

Can a single panel sliding door be automated?

Yes we can normally do this, but a few things need to be considered before moving forward with an automatic domestic sliding door. 

  • Is the door a new door?
  • Is the door very heavy due to weight eg – double glazed?
  • Does the door slide well for an able-bodied person with 2-3 fingers or is it hard for them as well?
  • We also cannot have curtains etc as they could get caught in the door movement, they would need to be removed.  
  • If the door is hard to open for everyone then it will need to have the wheels replaced. It might also require the track to be capped – track capping will only be needed if the current one is damaged, you can tell by looking at the track and seeing if it’s dented and rough or smooth. 
  • If it’s dented and rough and you don’t cap the track then the wheels wear out again quickly.
  • We have used this company and they have been good so far
  • Sometimes this is enough for clients to use without needing to automate the door.

For patio doors we retro-fit a commercial sliding door motor.  The door needs to slide like new before we can install the motor and for it to function properly. 


Cavity Sliding doors can also be automated more affordably with our smaller domestic cavity slider motors. We use the Topp V1 sliding motor that can be retro fitted to doors between 700mm – 1200mm wide. They are slim and can be retro-fitted to most cavity doors.

They can be set up to open and auto close or open and stay open until a button is pressed.  They do not lock and if there is a power failure they can be pushed open. 

Action Auto Door supplies and installs automatic door openersautomatic sliding doorsautomatic swing doors and disabled toilet door systems in domestic and commercial settings. We specialise in disabled access options and are NDIS Registered. We install automatic door operators across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth , Hobart and most regional centres. Contact us for a free quote. 

Automatic Domestic Sliding Door
Automatic Cavity Sliding Door
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