Ditec AXK4 radio keypad

Ditec AXK4 Radio digital keypad (Wireless or Wired)

Radio digital keypads 4-Ch to control the automation using 4 customisable numeric codes. Two power supply options: with 9 V DC battery or through connection to 24 V DC electrical control panel.

    • The signal is transmitted to the control panel using one of the Entrematic radio protocols: fixed code, rolling code, AES-128bit Encrypted, PROTECTED Mode
    • 433.92 MHz
    • Back-lit keypad and integrated light for status signals
    • Dimension: 91mm×55.5mm×33mm
W1-A Digital Keypad

W1-A Metal Waterproof Keypad (Wired)

Metal structure, anti-vandal, more secure , waterproof design

  • Protective properties: IP65 fully-potted.
  • Backlight keypad.
  • Two-relay operation.
  • Pulse mode, toggle mode.
  • Up to 1,200 users (Zone 1:1,100 users & Zone 2:100 users).
  • Support 3 Modes Access: Card, PIN, Card+PIN.
  • Card Type: 125KHz EM, PIN length: 4-8 digits.
  • Operating Voltage: 12-18V AC/12-24V DC.
  • Dimension: 135mm×58mm×26mm


W4 Metal waterproof keypad

W4 Metal Waterproof Keypad & RFID Access Control/Reader (wired)

Metal structure, anti-vandal, safe, waterproof design.

  • Pulse mode, toggle mode
  • 2,100 users + 10 group duress PIN/Card (Zone 1:2,000 + Zone 2:100).
  • Support 3 Modes Access: Card, PIN, Card+PIN.
  • Card Type: 125KHz EM & HID card, PIN length: 4-8 digits.
  • Very Low Power Consumption ( ≤35mA), long service life and stable performance.
  • Application in High-Security Places: warehouses, banks, prisons, etc
  • High speed search: filled with 2,000 users, the search time< 0.1 seconds
  • Backlight keypad.
  • With manager cards for adding or deleting card user easily.
  •  Dimensions:  128mm×82mm×28m.
Proxlock card reader

ProxLock – Standalone access control system (wired)

Main features

  • Reading range of 60-100mm depending on type of tag used
  • Fast reading of identity tag
  • Simple to programme
  • Three LEDs indicate status
  • Wide range of input voltages
  • Exit pushbutton
  • Easy and convenient mounting
  • Capacity for 2000 tags
  • Relay incorporated into unit
  • Pulse or toggle mode
  • Optional weatherproofed remote read-head
  • Optional tag simulator allows ! deleting or lost tags
  • 120x54x38 mm (L/W/H)
Cards and proxy tabs for proxlock

Proxy reader cards and fobs

oval2 Spring Return Keyswitch Lock-it-well

Spring Return Key switch

 Spring Return Keyswitch – Lock-it-well
  • Supplied With Standard C4 Oval Cylinder & 2 Keys
  • Max Current 10amp 440vac Or 24vdc
  • Electrical Isolated Cylinder
  • Fire Retardant Plastic
  • 70mm X 40mm X 10mm HxWxD. Recess 66mm