Automatic Doors and The Environment

Automatic Doors and The Environment – We don’t often get asked about the environmental credentials and benefits of our automatic door operators. With energy costs rising and concerns about environmental waste it’s now becoming a topic of interest.  


FACE Automatic Door Systems take pride in being the leaders in a new generation of environmentally friendly automatic doors. 


With the environment front and centre FACE motors are designed and manufactured in a way that lessens their impact on the planet. The automatic door operators are a simple design that creates less waste.

The brushless gear box free motors are designed with simple and recyclable components. 

Lead batteries have been substituted with supercapacitor technology. What is a supercapacitor you ask and what are its advantages?

  • Longer lifespan
  • No temperature sensitivity in terms of charge or product lifespan
  • No toxic chemical products or heavy metals
  • No hazardous waste or waste disposal cost
  • No transportation restrictions and higher shipping costs
  • Cheaper in the long term
Automatic Doors and The Environment

With components that are leading the way in lessening their environmental impact. FACE motors were awarded the R & T Innovation Award in 2021.


With energy costs increasing at an alarming rate it is important that automatic door operators are as energy efficient as possible. FACE again are the leaders in energy efficiency. A FACE operator is 50% more energy efficient than any other operator in the market. Along with the fact the motors last 5 times longer than other operators in the market you can be sure you will save money in the long run when choosing a FACE motor. Better for the environment and money saving. What more could you ask for in an automatic door operator?


Action Auto Door supply and install FACE automatic door motors and other leading European automatic door openers throughout Australia. We are experts in disabled access and are NDIS Registered providers. With installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra , Gold Coast and major regional centres contact us for an obligation free quote. 

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