FACE Sliding Doors

FACE Sliding Doors are a new generation of automatic door operators that are built with efficiency, reliability and the environment in mind.

Action Auto Door are leading suppliers of FACE Sliding Doors in Sydney, Melbourne , Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and all major regional areas of Australia.

FACE Sliding Doors are designed with an innovative brushless motor. What this means is that FACE automatic door motors are the most efficient and reliable automatic door motors in the Australian market.

Designed in Italy with the belief that automatic door motors need to be more efficient, energy conscious and produce less waste, the FACE motor is leading the way in the automatic door industry. 

FACE Sliding Doors

FACE Sliding Doors have designed a simple motor that is easy to install , with no gear box or battery . What this means is less waste impacting the environment and a motor that lasts at least 5 million cycles. Other operators in the Australian market have only been tested to 1 million cycles. Buying a FACE motor ensures you are buying the latest technology that is designed to last many years more than other operators in the Australian market. 

With less components and engine parts this means that FACE sliding door motors require less scheduled maintenance visits. This saves you time and money over the years of your motor.  

FACE has patented a supercapacitor battery that does away with the need for Lead batteries that are less efficient and significant contributors to waste and pollution. This design saw the motor awarded the R + T  GOLD INNOVATION AWARD 2021. FACE continues to design and manufacture their motors with the environment and energy efficacy at the forefront of their design. 

FACE Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial

FACE sliding doors can also claim that their motors use 50% less energy than traditional automatic sliding door motors in the market. With energy costs rising the FACE motor is a logical choice when automating your sliding doors. 


For more information on FACE sliding door motors or our range of automatic swing door operators contact Tim at Action Auto Door for an obligation free chat and quote. Ph: 0411 126 538 . Email. Tim@actionautodoor.com.au

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