An Automatic Disabled Door Opener is able to be fitted to doors in residential homes to make movement through the home safe and easy. Our automatic disabled door openers can be fitted directly to most Swing or Sliding Doors in homes and commercial buildings.

We install in all Australian states – Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory , Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Contact us for more information. 

Our disabled automatic door openers allow those with mobility issues to have greater independence in homes and commercial buildings. 

All our automatic door operators are compliant and meet Australian Building Standards and have been tested by TUV – The most trusted product testing and compliance provider worldwide. We only sell quality, affordable, trusted European Brands that have been tried and tested in the Australian and European market. 

Automatic Disabled Door Opener

Security and Safety 

  • The automatic disabled door openers have an electric strike for locking safely and securely ensuring the utmost security in any home. In the case of a power failure the electric lock can be set to lock or open depending on your requirements.
  • The automatic door opener has a spring that will pull the door closed regardless of power and has a certified Australian fire certificate.

Easy Access Control

  • The doors can be opened by push button remote, via a bluetooth activation or RFID reader that will open the door automatically when the card is within 2 metre range of the doorway. There is also the possibility to attach remotes to wheelchairs and walkers for easy access. We are also able to source voice activated options.

NDIS Registered Provider

  • We are an NDIS Registered Provider and can work directly with clients and occupational therapists to create what is needed for your plan to ensure that your NDIS home modification needs are approved. We also work with NDIS registered builders and can assist with quotes for door widening, ramps and other home modifications.

We are passionate about providing solutions to help make life easier for our elderly and disabled clients. Our products will assist with being able to live independently and safely in your home.

For further information and to discuss your requirements please contact us.