Changing Places Toilets- What Are The Requirements?

Changing Places Toilets are adapted toilet facilities that provide accessible toilets to those in the community who may have high support needs. 


Action Auto Door are experienced installers of Disabled Access Automatic Toilet Doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide , Canberra, Hobart and major regional centres. 


Changing Places Toilets follow four design options: 


  • 1A without shower rectangular
  • 1B without shower square
  • 1C without shower alternative door location 
  • 2 with shower rectangular

Detailed information regarding changing places toilets design and specifications can be found at the Changing Places Australia Website and in the below document. .


Changing Places Design Specifications 2020

Toilets built according to the Changing Places design specifications will generally meet the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the National Construction Code.

Changing Places Toilet
Changing Places design specifications 2020

Changing Places facilities provide:


  • a height-adjustable adult-sized change table 
  • a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system 
  • a centrally-located peninsula toilet
  • circulation spaces as defined in the design specifications
  • an automatic door with a clear opening of 950 mm at a minimum (1100 mm for beach and lake locations)
  • a privacy screen. 

As stated above an automatic door opening system is a requirement for Changing Places Toilets. To ensure safe entry and exit a disabled access privacy kit must also be used to comply with Australian Building Standards and Codes. 


Compliant Privacy Kits Must: 


  • Have specified door control locations – as stated in the Changing Places design specifications. 
  • Push To Open and Push To Lock buttons of 25mm in diameter. The Push to Open button can be replaced with a MLAK where there is risk of vandalism
  • Occupied’ and ‘Vacant’ indicator lights are required on the external plate. • ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’ indicator lights are required on the internal plate
  • Door control braille for the vision impaired


Privacy Plate
Figure 7: Automatic door entry plate – push button operation
Figure 8: Automatic door entry plate – MLAK key operation
Privacy Plate 2
Figure 9: Automatic door exit plate – push button operation

While not a requirement it is recommended that Changing Places toilets all be fitted with a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) 


The MLAK is available for free to eligible people with a disability who need to access the Changing Places facilities. These can be organised through local councils. 


Action Auto Doors disabled toilet privacy plates are compliant with Australian Standards and the Disability Building Code AS 1428.1:2021 -Design for access and mobility


Privacy plates come with or without MLAK lock for changing places requirements. 

Changing Places Toilets Design
Figure 11: Configuration of automated swing doors where vandalism is a risk.
Changing Places design specifications 2020

Compliance with the Changing Places design and specifications is important as all changing Places Toilets must be deemed compliant by an independent Changing Places Assessor.

It is always recommended to engage with an Assessor before construction commences as there is a 3 stage process to ensure compliance at each stage of the build. 


Action Auto Door can also provide information in relation to the installation of the automatic door operator. Before plans go ahead it is important to have the right measurements and space for the automatic door operator. Design specifications will also confirm whether a swing door or sliding door operator is required. 


For more information regarding automatic door setup for Changing Places facilities contact Action Auto Door. We are a NDIS Registered provider specialising in disability access. 

FAAC Automatic Doors

FAAC Automatic Doors ensure safe, hygienic , touchless entry to your business or home. Action Auto Door are leading suppliers and distributors  of FAAC Automatic Doors. Contact us for a free quote.

FAAC automatic doors come in a variety of options and set ups. Looking to automate a swing or hinged door the FAAC 950N is the automatic door opener to use.

Automatic swing doors are commonly seen and used in homes to allow easy access for those with mobility restrictions. 

The FAAC 950N2 has been tested and certified to work on fire doors in Australia.  Australian building codes state that apartment buildings must comply with fire safety standards. Any operator that is added to a fire door must be certified to comply with safety standards in Australia. Not all operators in Australia meet these requirements so be sure to ask any automatic door supplier before commissioning installation or you may face hefty fines and penalties for non compliance.

The FAAC 950N2 can also be installed on double hinged doors and set up to move as one configuration. This can be used in situations where swing doors are automated rather than installing automatic sliding doors. This may arise due to lack of  space for a sliding door setup or the doors have already been installed as double swing doors and automating these is a more effective option. The doors can open by motion sensor and a safety beam is installed to ensure no object or person can be struck by the doors. Entry can also be by wave touchless sensors or push buttons.

FAAC Automatic Doors
FAAC Automatic Door -Swing Double
Automatic Doors Sydney

FAAC automatic door operators can also be installed on sliding doors in businesses and homes. The FAAC 1400 AIR can be installed on single or double doors and the retrofit kit is a cost effective solution that can be fitted to existing pelmets of other major brand automatic door operators. 


Quiet and energy efficient,  FAAC automatic doors are reliable and trusted European made operators that have been in the industry for over 50 years.


FAAC operators can be paired with a range of automatic door sensors and privacy kits for disabled access toilets and bathrooms. Action Auto door supplies a range of automatic doors sensors and accessories that work alongside our FAAC automatic door operators. 


All FAAC operators meet Australian standard AS 5007:2007. The FAAC 950N 2 has also been certified to AS 1530.4/2014 Fire Resistance tests for elements of construction. The FAAC 950N2 is certified to Firecore doors , Pyropanel fire doors and E- Core fire doors

Automatic Doors Perth
Touchless Exit Button
Australian Standards

Action Auto Door is a NDIS registered business that works closely with disability providers to offer and find solutions for safe access to homes and businesses. Contact us for more information.

Automatic Doors Perth – Western Australia

Automatic Doors Perth– Action Auto Door supply and install automatic doors in Perth and surrounding suburbs in Western Australia. With local installers on the ground we are able to guarantee an affordable and trouble free installation. 


We supply and install automatic swing door openersautomatic sliding doors and disabled access toilet door systems. We are experts in disability access codes and standards and are registered NDIS providers

Automatic Swing Doors
FAAC Automatic Doors

Along with automatic door operators we stock a range of automatic doors sensors and disabled access push buttons and applications. Contact us for information on our range of disabled door openers and accessories. 


Before starting any building project we recommend you contact us for advice on the requirements and building codes. Automatic fire doors must be fitted with tested and certified operators to pass certification. We have a range of operators that are fire tested and meet the Australian building standards.

Disabled access doors also require adherence to building codes. Rectifying mistakes after builds are completed can be costly and time consuming. Working with Action Auto Door in the planning stages of your modifications or new build will ensure you are aware of what is required.

Automatic Doors Perth – What operator do you need ?


Action Auto Door supplies and installs a range of quality European operators. We stock leading European operators FAACDITECFACE and LABEL.

With our range of quality European operators we have an automatic door operator to suit any situation. 


We have heavy duty operators for large heavy doors, slimline door operators that fit into small spaces and are aesthetically modern and compact. Our domestic operators work on internal sliding doors, screen doors and front entry doors. 


Our automatic sliding door operator by FACE is leading the way in the Australian market. Its gear box free motor ensures the operator will work to 5 million cycles. Other operators in the Australian market are tested to 1 million cycles. What this means is that your operator has been tested to last much longer than the average Australian operator on the market. It also means less scheduled maintenance is required.




FACE Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors Perth

Our Automatic Swing Door Openers can ensure ease of access for the elderly and disabled in their homes. For businesses they help stop the spread of germs and viruses like COVID and ensure your customers exit and enter your building with ease. Our quality European swing door operators by FAAC are tested to stringent European and Australian standards. We ensure quality and are price competitive on all our operators. 

Action Auto Door supply and install automatic door operators in Perth and surrounding suburbs in Western AustraliaContact us for an obligation free quote.

Automated Doors- Do They Need Battery Backup?

Automated doors do they need battery backup? 

This is a question we are often asked. There are of course many factors to consider depending on your requirements.

Automatic Sliding Doors 

Automated sliding doors come with battery back-up and an electric lock as standard extras.

Electric locks come in a number of designs but their function is always the same  to lock the door either by fail safe or fail secure actions.


Automated Doors Battery Backup
Automatic Doors Perth

What is Fail Safe and Fail Secure?

Fail Safe

Will only lock when the door has a power source – The lock requires power to hold the door shut, if the power stops from the mains the battery can take over. When the battery power runs out the door would be unlocked. – This set up is for emergency egress from buildings so you cannot be locked inside a building and you can escape. Normally if the fire alarm went off this would be wired to the operator and the operator would open and stay open.

There is now an extra option for fail safe operators – The FACE automatic sliding door operators were awarded Gold at the R+ T Innovation Awards for the use of supercapacitor technology that will open the door and leave it open on power fail. This means LEAD batteries are no longer required.  This has many benefits for the environment and the savings in replacement batteries over the life of the operator. 

Fail Secure

The automated door will stay locked without a power source – Requiring power to lock and unlock the door with a pull cord in case of emergency release – so in the case of power fail the door would stay locked and you could open it with the cord if required but then it would be open.

Both of these setups can have other options for the final movement of the door like opening and staying open or closing and staying closed and then the lock would be on or off depending on the lock.

The one you pick comes down to the setup you require and the AUS Standards around if the automated door is an exit door or not (we can help you work out the right solution).

Automated Swing Doors

Automatic swing door openers have the same options with electric strikes being Fail Secure or Fail Safe.

Fail secure – The strike is locked without power – the door could not be pushed open but the handle could be used and the door pushed open.

Fail Safe   – The strike is unlocked without power and the door can be pushed open

Mag locks are another locking device used with swing doors and are  Fail Safe as they require power to work.

Battery backup for automated swing doors depending on the brand can be internal or external. Our FAAC and DITEC operators can all be fitted with battery back up. 

They are designed for a one press exit in emergency with a few hours of the power going out, bigger systems that last longer can be installed but these are UPS external units that can get very big if a long amount of time is required.

As most doors have a handle to use, battery backup is not needed very often, however you might want it if you are not able to open the door manually yourself and want the door to open at least once with a power cut. 

Depending on if you are in a house or an apartment will also change if having a backup battery is required, in a house the backup battery will help you escape if the power has gone out and you need to use the doorway to escape.

In an apartment depending on the building fire plan you might be required to stay in your room and have the firefighters come and get you out which would mean having a backup battery is less likely for an emergency

FAAC Australia 950N2


As discussed there are many factors to consider when installing automated doors. Contact Action Auto Door to discuss your options and work out the best solution for your needs. 


Action Auto Door supply and install automatic door openers and automatic gate openers across Australia. We install automatic swing door openersautomatic sliding doors and disabled toilet systems in residential homes and commercial businesses. We specialise in disability access and are a NDIS Registered Provider. 

Contact us for more information

Automatic Fire Doors- What Are The Requirements?

Action Auto Door specialise in automatic fire doors. We can provide automation services for fire doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and regional centres across Australia. 

Do you have a fire rated door installed in your home or business? 

In this photo the door has a tag located on the hinge edge of the door leaf. 

This tag will specify that the door has a fire rating. Fire doors are seen most commonly in commercial buildings and apartments.

A normal entry door is made of wood. Fire doors have an internal filling inside them that is fire resistant. .


Automatic Fire Doors Tag
There are three main fire cores used in Australia: 
  • Firecore
  • Pyropanel
  • E-Core

These are all types of fire resistant cores that stop the fire from penetrating the doorway for a set time from 30mins to 4 hours. 


Fire doors must be self latching and self closing. They will be installed with a door closer that will automatically close after being opened. This is a requirement in order to contain any potential fires in a building.


Fire doors can also be fitted with automatic door openers to assist those with mobility issues or in places where hygiene is important. Anything installed onto the fire door and frame must have been tested under fire conditions by a certified testing company to comply with Australian Standards.

Australian Standards
FAAC Australia 950N2

Most unit doors are normally 1-hour fire-rated doors, this means that everything used on the door and frame must have been tested for that doors core under fire conditions. This includes locks, handle, eyeholes and door closers etc to comply with Australian Standard AS1905.1 

This also includes electric swing door openers and sliding door openers

Which Automatic Fire Door Operators Are Compliant?

The FAAC 950N2 has been tested on all three cores which means it can be used on any of the main cores used in Australia.

If the operator installed has not been tested on the core of your fire door the door and operator is non-compliant. If you do not install a compliant automatic fire door operator this can be a costly mistake. This means the door or operator would need to be changed to be  compliant.

When installing automatic fire doors it is important to install the right automatic door opener from the beginning. This ensures you do not run into compliance issues and costly fix ups. A small number of automatic swing door openers are compliant so be sure to ask before making any amendments or changes to your fire doors.

Action Auto Door can provide a certificate of insurance to confirm that the installed operator has been tested to your specific fire core. For more information and help with installing an automatic fire door opener in your home or business contact us today. 

Automatic Barn Doors- Automatic Barn Door Openers

Automatic Barn Doors are a feature that is being seen more often in garage door design in Australia. Action Auto Door install and supply automatic swing door openers and automatic sliding door options for barn doors throughout Australia.

We do not design or build the barn doors but are able to automate your existing or new doors.

Automatic Barn Doors provide an architectural  look  to a standard garage or shed. Aesthetically pleasing they give your garage a unique look that dispels the harshness of aluminium roller doors and tilt doors. 

As Australian’s look to modernise their homes barn doors and hamptons style doors on garages are becoming more commonly seen on homes particularly in coastal areas like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

Below is a video of a recent installation on two garage barn doors. These doors are swing doors that have been fitted with the CentsyVantage Swing Gate Motor.

What is important when installing automatic barn doors is ensuring the motors used have the capacity and strength to open the doors. A sliding gate motor can also be retrofitted to sliding barn doors to automate them and provide ease of access. 

Things to consider…..

There are a few things to consider when looking to install automatic barns door openers. If you are looking to install swinging barn doors you need to ensure that there is enough space to swing open the barn door. If you are looking at a sliding door the space needs to be wide enough to allow for the sliding door to slide back and forth. 

Power will also need to be available to close your barn doors to ensure the automatic door openers can work. Solar power may also be an option if power is difficult to install. 

There are also a number of options to consider when choosing how to open and close your automatic barn doors. 

The opening and closing of the doors can be activated by remote controls, keypads and also push to exit buttons on the wall. Swing doors can have a button installed to open one door or both. They can be set to open one then the other and close the same if the doors are rebated.

They can be mounted at the top and push the door open so you won’t lose room each side of the doorway (as long as they have something good to mount to).

For more information on installing Automatic Doors in your home or business contact Tim at Action Auto Door today. We install automatic swing door openersautomatic sliding door openers and automatic gate openers across Australia.  We provide installation services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. We also provide installation services in regional areas in all states. We supply and install leading brands Centsys, FAAC and Ditec

Contact us to find out if we install in your area.

Ph: 0411 126 538


Automatic barn doors

Electric Door – 5 Reasons You Need Touchless Entry Door Systems

An Electric Door has become an important asset in businesses and homes. There are a number of reasons why you need a touchless electric door system in your home and business.

5 Reasons You A Need Touchless Electric Door System
  1. Hygiene 
  2. Safety
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Design Aesthetic
  5. Disability Access 

Touchless door entry systems are an obvious way to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Installing electric touchless doors has become a priority for businesses worldwide with the spread of Coronavirus. Electric doors can be opened by automatic sensors that activate and open the doors on approach. They can also be activated by handsfree wave sensors. These sensors are mounted to the wall and detect hand movements. They are commonly used on Automatic Swing Doors. While it may be cheaper to use hand sanitiser when people are entering and exiting buildings it can not be certain that all people actually comply. Installing automatic door openers ensures that people are not touching unhygienic door handles and spreading germs and viruses.



Hand Free Door Opener
2.Safety and Security

Electric Doors are a safer way for people to enter and exit buildings . In a commercial setting automatic sliding doors allow people to enter a building without using their hands. While this is safer hygienically, it is also safer for people with prams, the elderly and those with mobility restrictions. Automatic swing doors can be automated with a safety sensor that activates if anyone is in the line of the door .This safety feature ensures that people are not hit by the door if they are in the way when it opens. Automatic doors can also be activated to automatically lock when programmed for added security and safety.

3.Energy Efficiency 

An electric door helps keep the heat and cold within a building. In summer the opening and closing of doors automatically ensures that the air conditioning system does not over work and the air is contained within the building. This is also true of heating. FAAC Automatic Door Openers have an innovative energy saving system that notices when a person is truly entering or exiting a building . It does not continually open and close. They have been EN16005 certified and are leading the way in European energy efficiency for automatic doors. While it may not be obvious the energy savings from installing touchless electric doors can be significant. 

Automatic Doors Perth
Double Automatic Swing Doors
4.Design Aesthetic 

Have you noticed when you enter a building now and you have to open a door yourself it gives you a certain impression of the business? This is even further cemented now with the spread of COVID 19. People don’t want to touch doors. Installing an electric door at your business shows customers and visitors that you have thought about hygiene and the practicalities of opening and closing doors in public spaces. Automatic doors at the entrance to businesses also gives an element of prestige and helps to keep a modern design aesthetic to your building. 

5.Disability Access

It is a legal requirement that all businesses in Australia provide safe access to their building for people with disabilities. This often means installing touchless electric doors at the entry to your building. Automatic doors are also seen on disabled toilet doors to ensure easy entry and exit from toilet cubicles.

We are often asked if automatic wave sensors can be installed on disabled toilet doors. Currently Australian building standards do not give the option of using touchless sensors . Building code currently stipulates that the doors must be opened by push buttons that comply with the Australian Standards. Hopefully in time the standards will be updated to consider the technology and the need to stop the transmission of germs and viruses.

Electric doors can also be installed in the homes of the elderly and disabled to help with safe entry and exit at home. With the introduction of the NDIS auto doors can sometimes be funded through NDIS home modifications in plans. Contact us for more information on retrofitting automatic doors in homes as there are a number of factors to consider as discussed here.


Hands free door opener disabled

Action Auto Door install and supply electric doors and touchless door sensors across Australia. We supply and install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and regional centres across Australia. Contact us to find out more information.

Assistive Technology Devices for Wheelchair Users

Assistive technology devices for wheelchair users allows people to safely open automatic doors in their home. There are a range of switches and automated devices that can be used to assist with movement through the home.

Action Auto Door are an NDIS Registered Provider who specialise in installing and custom fitting assistive technology in homes. We supply and install automatic door openers across Australia.

Below are some of the switches we can custom fit to suit your needs and requirements. Contact us if what you are looking for is not below and we will help to find what you need. 

Jellybean Switch and Remote Control

Depending on your ability pressing a remote or wall button to open your doors might be difficult. The Jellybean switch is an assistive technology device for wheelchair users that can be configured to your wheelchair.

  • The Jellybean switch can be mounted on a wheelchair in a number of locations depending on your preference and needs. See pictures below.
  • The buttons come in a number of sizes and colours
assistive technology devices for wheelchair users
Can be pushed with the side of head
Can be pushed with an arm or hand

The remote plugs into the jellybean button which then sends a signal to the receiver, in the video below you can see me pressing the button to open the automatic swing door.

RFID Card Reader

We have a range of RFID readers and depending on the setup and size of the property we are dealing with we can set up from 0 to 10m.

The RFID reader picks up a credit card size tag that when moved within range triggers the access control reader and this in turn makes the automatic operator open.

These are a great option for people with limited movement who are not able to use one of the other access control options. This can be mounted onto the wall so as the card comes within range the door would open automatically and then close after the card has left the readers range.

Proxy Card

We also have a range of hands free door opener sensors that can be used in homes. Along with wave sensor technology, there are also apps like the Remootio and Omgate than can be set up with Bluetooth or WIFI and can be touch or voice-activated..


As you can see there is a range of assistive technology devices for wheelchair users that can be set up with automatic door openers in the home environment. These devices along with automatic door operators can be claimed in NDIS plans under assistive technology or home modifications. 

Action Auto Door supply and install automatic swing doorsautomatic sliding doorsgarage door openers, disabled toilet door systems and automatic gate openers in homes and business.

We install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth and Hobart. We also have installers in regional centres please contact us for more information. 

Automatic Doors Adelaide – Swing & Sliding

Automatic Doors Adelaide. Swing or Sliding? Which is the best option?

If you are looking for automatic doors in Adelaide you may be considering whether you need to convert your current swing doors to sliding doors or if your sliding doors can be automated. 

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the right type of automation solutions for your doors. 

Action Auto Door supply and install automatic doors across Adelaide and South Australia in both residential homes and businesses. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Automatic Swing Doors 

Automatic swing door openers are an affordable and cost-effective way to automate front entry doors and internal doors. 

Single leaf swing doors can be automated with standard and slimline operators and are an important part of allowing those with mobility issues to open and close their front entry doors safely and securely.

In businesses, automatic swing doors are a standard feature in hospitals, retail and on disabled toilet doors and entries. We discuss automatic swing doors in detail here

Is it cost-effective and safe to automate double swing doors? 

This often depends on the condition of the doors and the amount of use the doors will receive. If the doors are wide enough it can often be cost-effective to automate one door while leaving the other door to be manually opened. 

When considering this option it is best if the single door is wide enough to fit wheelchairs and prams through.

If you have a set of older swing doors that don’t lock properly or have seen betters days it may be practical to install automatic sliding doors.

Automatic Doors Adelaide GEZE
Automatic Opening Door
Hands free door opener disabled

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors in Adelaide are a common feature in shopping centres, offices and retail business. They are a modern and effective way of allowing customers and employees to safely enter and exit the premises. 

With the spread of COVID -19 it has never been more practical to install hands-free door openers in your business. While people might say you can just use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the building this can never be assured. With automatic doors that are activated by motion sensors, you can guarantee that people are not spread germs and viruses when opening and closes doors.

Action Auto Door supply and install trusted and respected European brands FAACDitec and GEZE. Each brand is made and manufactured in Europe and has been established in the door industry for over 40 years. While people often associate European with being more expensive this is not the case. Our operators are competitive with any model on the market but are quality assured. For more information on costs check out this page.

Call or email us today for a free quote.

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Automatic Doors Sliding
automatic sliding glass doors frameless

Assistive Technology for the Disabled – Automatic Doors

Assistive Technology for the disabled and elderly is a broad category of systems and devices that can assist those with mobility impairments. These devices can help people to perform tasks and activities that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to complete. Assistive technology for the disabled and elderly includes mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers and crutches or something as simple as modified eating utensils.

For people with mobility issues a sometimes overlooked device that can be used to assist with everyday movement through the home are automatic doors .

How is an automatic door opener considered Assistive Technology?

As discussed assistive technology is any device that makes performing a task easier. While Automatic doors can be funded under home modifications they are also considered assistive technology for funding requirements. 

Automatic door openers can be installed to assist with entry into your home. They can be mounted above your door internally to ensure security and lessen exposure of the operator to the elements. The door can be activated in a number of ways .

Remote control buttons, RFID card readers, Jelly bean switch controls or voice activation apps can all be setup with an electric strike to open and close the door. These devices can be put on walkers and attached to wheelchairs to ensure a single button press entry or a completely hands free entry.

Security is guaranteed with an automatic closer set after a preset time has been reached. The automatic door opener may be able to be used with your current lockset but can be confirmed on inspection and a new lockset installed if required. 

Automatic door openers can also be installed on internal swings doors and sliding patio doors . Action Auto Door has domestic operators that are used on more light weight doors and can help lower the price of installing automatic door operators throughout the home. 

Assistive Technology for the Disabled

What else can be automated?

Garage door openers and automatic gate openers can also be installed and considered assistive technology for the disabled and elderly as they complete the full automation of entering and exiting your home without having to use a key , turn a door handle or open or close a garage door or gate. Homes can now also be set up with Google Home voice activated products .

Assistive Technology For The Disabled

Action Auto Door is a NDIS registered provideand works closely with occupational therapists and self funded clients to ensure we can get exactly what it is you need at home to keep your independence and have trouble free movement through the home. 

We have a large range of quality European automatic door operators from world leaders FAAC and DITEC. These operators are affordable and reliable and can be fitted to your needs at home. All our operators meet stringent Australian building codes and regulations and we have operators that are compliant with Australian Fire Door Safety Standards. Fire Door Safety Certificates can be provided which can be a requirement if automating an apartment door that has been certified as a fire door. 

Action Auto Door installs Australia wide. We have fully insured licensed installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Cairns and the Gold Coast. We also install in regional areas in all states. 

For more information on how the doors in your home can be fully automated please contact us for a free quote or simply to find out further information we are only too happy to help.


Phone: 0411 126 538

Ditec Olly C
Internal sliding door opener