Auto Swing Doors- Install with limited space

Auto swing doors need enough room above the door to mount the motor but sometimes there is not enough space to fit a motor.  If there is not enough space above the door there are a few options that can be considered, depending on the type of door we are dealing with.

If the auto swing door is a fire rated door – we are unable to mount the motor to the door so we have to if possible mount the motor into the ceiling space above the door.  If it’s not a fire door – we can sometimes mount the motor onto the door itself.

Mounting onto the door itself is a last resort as it can add other issues. 

  • Room between the door and the wall when open has to have enough space. This is to ensure the door closer does not bang against the wall when the door is open, this can be seen in the images below.
  • We would also need a transfer hinge to stop the wiring from being pinched – for the power cord and the access control wiring
  • The door has to be strong enough to hold the weight and forces of the motor
Auto Swing doors opening size
Cable Door
Auto Swing Doors external

When possible the best option is to mount in the ceiling space above the door.  Most apartments have a gyprock space above or commercial units have false ceilings. As long as there are not any utilities like water pipes, other pipes, air conditioning units in the way. If the area is clear  we can mount the motor and then drop an extension spindle through the ceiling to attach to the door.

Auto Swing Doors Internal Cavity
Motor Inside Roof Cavity
Roof Cavity Installation

The best way to avoid having to custom fit auto swing doors is to contact us in the design and planning stages of a new build. We can work with builders and architects to ensure that the auto swing door opener will fit above the door for easy installation. We also ensure the door and operator comply with all building and disability standards. 


Not only is space above the door important but also space and distance to surrounding objects to ensure easy access for people.  This is especially important in disabled toilet and bathroom design. 


Action Auto Door install automatic swing doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic disabled toilet doors, automatic gates and automatic door sensors. We install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast and major regional centres across Australia. We are NDIS Registered and specialise in disabled access doors. Contact us for more information and a no obligation free quote. 

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