Automatic Sliding Glass Doors – Frameless, Aluminium, Wood

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors come in a range of options depending on your requirements. Frameless,  Aluminium and Wood framed glass doors can be automated for homes or commercial premises. 

Automatic sliding glass doors are seen in shopping centres, commercial buildings and homes. They are a great way to have people move in and out of your premises easily and ensure people with mobility restrictions can enter and exit without harm.  

They also provide additional benefits to help reduce air conditioner loss and save energy. Choosing the right automatic door will come down to price and the look and functionality you require for your home or business. Automatic Sliding Glass Door options include frameless glass, aluminium framed glass or wooden framed glass doors.

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Frameless glass sliding doors are a popular choice and are generally more expensive than aluminium framed glass or wooden sliding doors. Frameless glass doors look great but are much heavier than an aluminum framed sliding glass door so require more structural support.  Also if the doorway is large you then have to choose a larger operator to match the weight of the doors. 

Aluminium framed sliding glass doors are the most common automatic sliding glass doors, they are cheaper than frameless glass but are still aesthetically pleasing. You can have the frame powder coated in a variety of colours. Lighter than frameless you can have much bigger doors and still run on the standard operator to keep the price more affordable. 

Wooden framed glass doors are not commonly seen but can be designed and automated. Wood is normally used in domestic installs or when you are after privacy or a more unique design.

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There are a range of operators that can be fitted to automatic glass sliding doors . When choosing the right automatic sliding door operator you want to look for quality European brands that have been tested by TUV – The best European brands have been tested and this will give peace of mind that you are getting a great quality operator. FAAC, Ditec, Dorma are all tested in this way.There are currently no Australian Made operators in the market. 

Action Auto Door can help with designing and automating your automatic sliding doors. When designing a new door or building it is often a good idea to contact us. Before you design your doors it is important to ensure you are building them in a way that automation can be added in the most functional and affordable way. While automatic door operators can be retrofitted to automatic sliding glass doors after completion it can sometimes be more costly to do this way.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs we install automatic sliding doors in all Australian states and territories. 

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