Automatic Doors For Disabled Access- What To Consider

Automatic Doors for disabled access are an essential and sometimes overlooked requirement in building design. Action Auto Door are specialists in automating disability access doors and can install automatic doors for disabled access in commercial premises and homes across Australia.

We are a NDIS Registered provider and install automatic doors for those requiring modifications in the home and for businesses looking to provide equal and clear access for customers and employees.

When looking to install Automatic doors for disabled access there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

Automatic Doors Disabled Access – In the Home:

Is the door a fire rated door?

Units and commercial buildings doors are on most occasions fire doors. This can be checked by looking at the hinge edge of the door leaf for a small metal plate, this will say the type of fire rated core of the door and the hours it is rated to.  Not all automatic door openers have met fire door standards. We will only provide you with an operator that is tested for fire doors. This is essential to keep your door complaint with the fire standards for your building.

Is there enough room to mount an automatic door operator above the door frame?

Depending on the opening it is advisable to have 250mm above to fit most operators but it is possible to go as low as 130mm with the low-profile models. If you have less than this don’t worry, we can normally find solutions like mounting the operator on the door itself or mount the door with a push arm from the other side. We work by a case by case basis to find the best fit. 

Automatic Door Disabled Access
No space above door
Ideal space above door

Can an automatic door open by key?

Yes – the door will work as it did before the install, if a key opened the door the key will still work and the door can be pushed open.

Do you require push button or wireless access?

We can supply hand held push buttons to open the door, WIFI or Bluetooth access by a phone and depending on a wheelchair set up link it to the wheelchair. We work out the best solution for your needs.

Automatic Doors Disabled Access – In Business:

There are legal obligations for buildings to provide equal access to all. The Equality Act 2010 states that all service providers have a duty of care to make reasonable adjustments to their premises to ensure that physical barriers are removed to prevent people with a disability from accessing a service.

In Australia one in five people have a disability this equates to around 4 million people. Of the 4 million people with a disability, 84% have a physical condition or limitation that restricts there everyday activities. These statistics show the importance of providing safe easy access for everyone in the community.

Automatic doors for disabled access may be a mandatory requirement and we can provide advice and recommendations in regards to meeting building standards BS8300 “Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people”.

Action Auto Door and Gates provide automatic doors and gates for homes and business. We are specialists in entry system automation and disability entry door systems. Please contact us for more information.

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