Assistive Technology for the Disabled – Automatic Doors

Assistive Technology for the disabled and elderly is a broad category of systems and devices that can assist those with mobility impairments. These devices can help people to perform tasks and activities that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to complete. Assistive technology for the disabled and elderly includes mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers and crutches or something as simple as modified eating utensils.

For people with mobility issues a sometimes overlooked device that can be used to assist with everyday movement through the home are automatic doors .

How is an automatic door opener considered Assistive Technology?

As discussed assistive technology is any device that makes performing a task easier. While Automatic doors can be funded under home modifications they are also considered assistive technology for funding requirements. 

Automatic door openers can be installed to assist with entry into your home. They can be mounted above your door internally to ensure security and lessen exposure of the operator to the elements. The door can be activated in a number of ways .

Remote control buttons, RFID card readers, Jelly bean switch controls or voice activation apps can all be setup with an electric strike to open and close the door. These devices can be put on walkers and attached to wheelchairs to ensure a single button press entry or a completely hands free entry.

Security is guaranteed with an automatic closer set after a preset time has been reached. The automatic door opener may be able to be used with your current lockset but can be confirmed on inspection and a new lockset installed if required. 

Automatic door openers can also be installed on internal swings doors and sliding patio doors . Action Auto Door has domestic operators that are used on more light weight doors and can help lower the price of installing automatic door operators throughout the home. 

Assistive Technology for the Disabled

What else can be automated?

Garage door openers and automatic gate openers can also be installed and considered assistive technology for the disabled and elderly as they complete the full automation of entering and exiting your home without having to use a key , turn a door handle or open or close a garage door or gate. Homes can now also be set up with Google Home voice activated products .

Assistive Technology For The Disabled

Action Auto Door is a NDIS registered provideand works closely with occupational therapists and self funded clients to ensure we can get exactly what it is you need at home to keep your independence and have trouble free movement through the home. 

We have a large range of quality European automatic door operators from world leaders FAAC and DITEC. These operators are affordable and reliable and can be fitted to your needs at home. All our operators meet stringent Australian building codes and regulations and we have operators that are compliant with Australian Fire Door Safety Standards. Fire Door Safety Certificates can be provided which can be a requirement if automating an apartment door that has been certified as a fire door. 

Action Auto Door installs Australia wide. We have fully insured licensed installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Cairns and the Gold Coast. We also install in regional areas in all states. 

For more information on how the doors in your home can be fully automated please contact us for a free quote or simply to find out further information we are only too happy to help.


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