Why You Need An Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Openers are useful additions to your home and business .We tell you why it is important to install an automatic swing door opener for ease and functionality.


1.Easy Access

If you look around you will notice automatic swing door openers are everywhere. Working in a hospital most doors are automated so patients can be wheeled from ward to ward safely. An Automatic Swing door opener makes sure this happens quickly and easily. Shopping centres, offices, bathroom doors, factories all have automatic doors for easy access. Entry doors in the home can also be automated to make access in the home easy.


2. Safety

Automatic Door Openers in Australia must meet quality standards and work on fire doors. Ensuring you are getting a product that is safe and compliant and will allow safe entry and exit from a building in case of a fire. Automatic swing door openers allow parents with prams, customers with trolleys, and those that are injured or frail to move about a business or home safely. 



About 50% of the elderly in Australia have mobility issues. Opening front doors of the home can be difficult. Automatic Swing Door Openers can make life easier for the elderly or frail. A door can lock and open by wireless or with the push of a single button. This allows those with mobility issues to be able to live independently and safely longer.


4. Disabled Access

Automatic Swing Door Openers are an important home modification for those with a disability Over 4 million Australians .have a disability and many would like to be able to live independently at home. Installing automated doors in the home can allow greater freedom and independence. 


5. Legal Responsibility

Building and discrimination laws state that businesses must provide the best possible access to their services and buildings.

If you have heavy and difficult doors to open it may be your legal responsibility to automate these doors to ensure easy access for all.

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Automatic Swing Doors
Automatic Swing Doors
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