Automatic Fire Doors- What Are The Requirements?

Action Auto Door specialise in automatic fire doors. We can provide automation services for fire doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast and regional centres across Australia. 

Do you have a fire rated door installed in your home or business? 

In this photo the door has a tag located on the hinge edge of the door leaf. 

This tag will specify that the door has a fire rating. Fire doors are seen most commonly in commercial buildings and apartments.

A normal entry door is made of wood. Fire doors have an internal filling inside them that is fire resistant. .


Automatic Fire Doors Tag
There are three main fire cores used in Australia: 
  • Firecore
  • Pyropanel
  • E-Core

These are all types of fire resistant cores that stop the fire from penetrating the doorway for a set time from 30mins to 4 hours. 


Fire doors must be self latching and self closing. They will be installed with a door closer that will automatically close after being opened. This is a requirement in order to contain any potential fires in a building.


Fire doors can also be fitted with automatic door openers to assist those with mobility issues or in places where hygiene is important. Anything installed onto the fire door and frame must have been tested under fire conditions by a certified testing company to comply with Australian Standards.

Australian Standards
FAAC Australia 950N2

Most unit doors are normally 1-hour fire-rated doors, this means that everything used on the door and frame must have been tested for that doors core under fire conditions. This includes locks, handle, eyeholes and door closers etc to comply with Australian Standard AS1905.1 

This also includes electric swing door openers and sliding door openers

Which Automatic Fire Door Operators Are Compliant?

The FAAC 950N2 has been tested on all three cores which means it can be used on any of the main cores used in Australia.

If the operator installed has not been tested on the core of your fire door the door and operator is non-compliant. If you do not install a compliant automatic fire door operator this can be a costly mistake. This means the door or operator would need to be changed to be  compliant.

When installing automatic fire doors it is important to install the right automatic door opener from the beginning. This ensures you do not run into compliance issues and costly fix ups. A small number of automatic swing door openers are compliant so be sure to ask before making any amendments or changes to your fire doors.

Action Auto Door can provide a certificate of insurance to confirm that the installed operator has been tested to your specific fire core. For more information and help with installing an automatic fire door opener in your home or business contact us today. 

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