Automatic Door Opener – How Do They Work?

Below is a video of a recent install that shows an Automatic Door Opener in operation using the Ditec Dab105. The automatic door opener is being operated via a remote control, you can see me pressing it in the first time the door is opened.

This is the basics of how we install an automatic door opener and automatic door closer. 

1)First we install the Ditec Dab105  and mount above the doorway, this holds the motor and control board.

2) In this video the standard strike plate on door frame ( see below for image of a strike plate.)  was replaced with an electric one.

3) The FES20 electric door strike, allows the electric door motor to release the door lock by an electric pulse. The flap on the electric strike releases so the door locks tongue can get past it and let the door open automatically.

4) The door can open freely and will stay open between 5 to 30 seconds. We can set this up for your specific requirements.

5)The electric motor drives the door open and then the spring/motor pulls the door shut and locks the door. In most cases the existing locks will still work as they did before via key and handle from the outside and by the handle on the inside.

I hope this gives you some understanding of how an automatic door opener and closer works. We specialise in automatic swing door openers for residential and commercial requirements so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or check out our range of operators

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