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Automatic Barn Doors are a feature that is being seen more often in garage door design in Australia. Action Auto Door install and supply automatic swing door openers and automatic sliding door options for barn doors throughout Australia.

We do not design or build the barn doors but are able to automate your existing or new doors.

Automatic Barn Doors provide an architectural  look  to a standard garage or shed. Aesthetically pleasing they give your garage a unique look that dispels the harshness of aluminium roller doors and tilt doors. 

As Australian’s look to modernise their homes barn doors and hamptons style doors on garages are becoming more commonly seen on homes particularly in coastal areas like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

Below is a video of a recent installation on two garage barn doors. These doors are swing doors that have been fitted with the CentsyVantage Swing Gate Motor.

What is important when installing automatic barn doors is ensuring the motors used have the capacity and strength to open the doors. A sliding gate motor can also be retrofitted to sliding barn doors to automate them and provide ease of access. 

Things to consider…..

There are a few things to consider when looking to install automatic barns door openers. If you are looking to install swinging barn doors you need to ensure that there is enough space to swing open the barn door. If you are looking at a sliding door the space needs to be wide enough to allow for the sliding door to slide back and forth. 

Power will also need to be available to close your barn doors to ensure the automatic door openers can work. Solar power may also be an option if power is difficult to install. 

There are also a number of options to consider when choosing how to open and close your automatic barn doors. 

The opening and closing of the doors can be activated by remote controls, keypads and also push to exit buttons on the wall. Swing doors can have a button installed to open one door or both. They can be set to open one then the other and close the same if the doors are rebated.

They can be mounted at the top and push the door open so you won’t lose room each side of the doorway (as long as they have something good to mount to).

For more information on installing Automatic Doors in your home or business contact Tim at Action Auto Door today. We install automatic swing door openersautomatic sliding door openers and automatic gate openers across Australia.  We provide installation services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. We also provide installation services in regional areas in all states. We supply and install leading brands Centsys, FAAC and Ditec

Contact us to find out if we install in your area.

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Automatic barn doors
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