Assistive Technology Devices for Wheelchair Users

Assistive technology devices for wheelchair users allows people to safely open automatic doors in their home. There are a range of switches and automated devices that can be used to assist with movement through the home.

Action Auto Door are an NDIS Registered Provider who specialise in installing and custom fitting assistive technology in homes. We supply and install automatic door openers across Australia.

Below are some of the switches we can custom fit to suit your needs and requirements. Contact us if what you are looking for is not below and we will help to find what you need. 

Jellybean Switch and Remote Control

Depending on your ability pressing a remote or wall button to open your doors might be difficult. The Jellybean switch is an assistive technology device for wheelchair users that can be configured to your wheelchair.

  • The Jellybean switch can be mounted on a wheelchair in a number of locations depending on your preference and needs. See pictures below.
  • The buttons come in a number of sizes and colours
assistive technology devices for wheelchair users
Can be pushed with the side of head
Can be pushed with an arm or hand

The remote plugs into the jellybean button which then sends a signal to the receiver, in the video below you can see me pressing the button to open the automatic swing door.

RFID Card Reader

We have a range of RFID readers and depending on the setup and size of the property we are dealing with we can set up from 0 to 10m.

The RFID reader picks up a credit card size tag that when moved within range triggers the access control reader and this in turn makes the automatic operator open.

These are a great option for people with limited movement who are not able to use one of the other access control options. This can be mounted onto the wall so as the card comes within range the door would open automatically and then close after the card has left the readers range.

Proxy Card

We also have a range of hands free door opener sensors that can be used in homes. Along with wave sensor technology, there are also apps like the Remootio and Omgate than can be set up with Bluetooth or WIFI and can be touch or voice-activated..


As you can see there is a range of assistive technology devices for wheelchair users that can be set up with automatic door openers in the home environment. These devices along with automatic door operators can be claimed in NDIS plans under assistive technology or home modifications. 

Action Auto Door supply and install automatic swing doorsautomatic sliding doorsgarage door openers, disabled toilet door systems and automatic gate openers in homes and business.

We install in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth and Hobart. We also have installers in regional centres please contact us for more information. 

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