Home Modifications For Elderly or Disabled

Home Modifications for elderly or disabled people can have a huge impact on quality of life. By modifying and adding automatic doors to your home to increase accessibility and mobility you are ensuring you regain and keep your independence at home.

Action Auto Door specialise in home modifications for elderly and disabled clients and are experts in automatic doors. We work with licensed builders to assist with any other home modification needs. 

We provide installation services across Australia- New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory

Home Modifications Elderly and Disabled

Home modifications for elderly or disabled can be as simple as adding a handrail in the bathroom or a ramp to your front door. They can also involve complex structural changes and modifications that require the input of occupational therapists, architects and builders.

Automatic doors in commercial buildings are commonly seen in shopping centres and businesses. People think of automatic doors in the home and the first thing that comes to mind is a garage door opener.

We can automate all doors in your home whether that be a garage door or the front door of your home to make entering a simple and fluid process.

Automating your door takes away the need for a traditional key for entry. This improves access for people in wheelchairs and walking devices and those that may have trouble using a traditional key to lock and unlock their front door.

We can supply a range of solutions to automatically open your door.

These include:  handheld push buttons, keypads, smart phone applications via Bluetooth or WIFI, wireless card readers that open when you are within range of the doorway.

Home Modifications Elderly or Disabled
Automatic Swing Doors
Assistive Technology for the Disabled

All of these options have been tested and are proven to be secure and safe. Allowing the elderly and those with a disability to feel safe and secure at home. 

Automatic door openers can not only be added to front entry doors but also internal swing doors and internal sliding doors. All doors have the ability to be automated in your home to provide freedom of movement and independence.

Home modifications for the elderly or disabled do not always need to be complex or expensive. There are many government grants and initiatives that may assist with funding of your home modifications

Home Modification funding programs include:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – Funding available for those under 65 with a disability

Department of Veterans Affairs – Mobility & Functional Support (DVA) – Home Modifications may be available to eligible veterans

Accident-Compensatory Insurance Schemes – If you are covered by a compensatory scheme as a result of an accident you may be eligible for home modifications

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) – Home Modifications may be covered for those over 65+ who are eligible.

State-Based Funded schemes – State programs may provide funding for home modifications for the elderly or those with a disability.

Action Auto Door are an NDIS Registered Provider and work closely with occupation therapists, support workers and self-managed NDIS participants to ensure the best outcomes for independent living.

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