Combi Door- Can a CombiDoor be automated ?

A Combi Door put simply is a solid timber door with a security screen built into it. A CombiDoor takes away the need to have both an entry door and screen door. The screen and entry door become one allowing light and ventilation to enter your home or business. Combi Doors are especially suitable in circumstances where people may have difficulties opening and closing two entrance doors. 

Can you automate a Combi Door? 

At Action Auto Door we often get asked if it is possible to install automatic swing door openers on screen doors. While this is possible  it is more costly to automate both a front entry door and a screen door. This is where it may be more cost effective and beneficial to install Combi doors in your home. Installing a Combidoor can save you money by not having to install two auto swing doors but still allowing you to have light and airflow coming through your home.

Who can benefit from a Combi Door?

Everyone, but combi doors are especially useful for the elderly or people with a disability. A CombiDoor can be fitted with automatic swing door openers to provide easy access for those with mobility issues or in a wheelchair.

Automating your combi door can be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) . Action Auto Door are a registered NDIS Provider and can help you during installation and planning stages of home modifications.

CombiDoors are often recommended by Occupational Therapists if you are widening a doorway or building a new home and are considering automating your door but would still like to have a screen door .

In our Australian climate it is practical to be able to have the option to still have ventilation and light but not have to wrestle two doors when you are entering and exiting the building. Combi doors can be automated to open inward or outward and allow conversation with someone outside without opening the door. 

Are they safe and secure?

Combi doors are safe and secure and are available with alloy grills or stainless steel mesh and can be custom made to suit your requirements. You can get more information on the sizes and colours at the CombiDoor website. They can be used both externally and internally and used in homes and offices, high density housing, seniors villages, medical facilities and schools. 

Action Auto Door install automatic door openers and automatic gate openers Australia wide. We are disabled access specialists and are registered NDIS providers. For more information on automating doors in your home or business contact us today. 


Combi Doors
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