Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial

Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial – Action Auto Door supply and install commercial automatic sliding doors across Australia. We supply and install quality European operators at an affordable price. All European operators have been stringently tested worldwide and meet all European and Australian safety standards. 

We supply and install FACEFAAC and DITEC automatic doors operators. 

We have fully qualified and insured installers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and most regional centres. 


FACE SL4- Commercial Sliding Door Operator 

The FACE SL4  is the only operator sold in Australia that has been tested to 5 million cycles.

All other operators in the Australian market have been tested to 1 million cycles

What this means is that the FACE automatic sliding door operators are the most reliable, robust and affordable operators in the Australian market

Automatic Sliding Door Commercial FACE
FACE automatic Sliding Door
Automatic sliding doors

FACE motors use a brushless motor that is specifically unique to FACE sliding door operators. 

The life of these motors are 10 times higher than the DC motors that are used in all other operators in Australia.

FACE operators do not have a gearbox this eliminates the need for regular engine maintenance. Saving you significant amounts in maintenance costs.

FACE are also leaders in environmental and energy efficiency. The battery used in the event of power failure is a patented and exclusive supercapacitor opening device that is also eco-friendly . No more LEAD batteries

This saw FACE awarded the R + T  GOLD INNOVATION AWARD 2021

Along with disposing of harmful LEAD batteries FACE is also leading the way in energy efficiency.

FACE guarantees a 50% reduction in electricity consumption, thus introducing to the market the first real “ENERGY SAVING” automatic door opener. 


Automatic Doors Perth
FACE Energy Efficient Operator

Why choose FACE for your Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial ? 

  • Less scheduled maintenance visits .This saves you significant money over the life of the motor
  • Tested to 5 million cycles means that your operator will last 5 times longer than any other operator in the Australian market. 
  • Recognised as the most durable door operators in Europe
  • Better dynamic response and efficiency
  • Energy saving – reduction in electricity consumption 50% less than competitors 
  • SilentThe brushless motor, the lack of the gearbox and the 3-stage cushioning system of shock-absorbing gaskets minimize vibrations. Making the FACE operator extremely quiet.
  • Safe – Emergency opening, battery backup, automatic safety sensors ensure swift safe passage through your automatic doors.
FACE Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial
  • Smartphone applications and the FACE FSD6 colourful function selector can be chosen in a variety of colours and can be functioned with restrictive access with the use of a code
User control face

FACE are leading innovators in the automatic door industry. Their operators are designed to meet and exceed customer expectations. Providing you with reliable and ensured quality that is affordable and safe.

We also supply and install FAAC and DITEC automatic sliding doors. This means we have a variety of sliding door options to suit any situation or commercial need. 

Action Auto Door supply and install automatic door openers,  automatic sliding doorsautomatic swing doorsdisabled toilet doors and automatic fire doors in businesses and homes. Contact us today for a free quote.