Automatic Opening Doors (Why You Need Them in 2020)

Automatic Opening Doors are an essential requirement in homes and businesses in 2020. Action Auto Door discuss how installing automatic opening doors is not only beneficial but can also be a necessity. Contact us for more information on installing automatic doors in your home or business throughout Australia. 

Automatic opening doors are a taken for granted fixture in homes and business. In the home the most common place to see one is the garage door. Many homes across Australia have automated their garage roller doors in order to make entry and exit from the garage easy.

Automatic swing door openers and automatic gate openers are also seen in residential homes. In business – offices, shopping centres and commercial premises often have automatic sliding doors as a common feature, automatic swing doors and automatic disabled toilet doors are also commonly seen in commercial premises. 

Automatic Opening Door
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While it is not a requirement to install automatic opening doors in your home, it can be a requirement in business in order to comply with disability access laws.

In 2020 people’s lives are moving quickly. Convenience and speed are essential to how we live. Below we discuss some of the key reasons you should install an automatic opening door in 2020.


Convenience is important to people in 2020. People holding shopping bags or pushing trolleys do not want to have to open doors themselves. It is expected that a large business will have automatic opening doors. 

At home, the inconvenience of getting out of your car to open your garage door means that installing an automatic garage door opener to your door is a common feature in most homes. 

Automatic Swing doors at home are also a convenient way to access your home if you have mobility restrictions. 

Automatic Opening Door


Automatic opening doors allow you to provide adequate access to homes and businesses for the elderly or disabled. In the home front, entry doors can be automated to ensure easy access for those with mobility issues or trouble opening locks. 

Internal swing doors and patio sliding doors can also be automated as required. Large businesses have a duty of care to provide automatic doors to disabled toilets to ensure there are no access issues for the disabled or elderly.

Assistive Technology for the Disabled


In 2020 hygiene has become one of the most important factors for businesses to consider when installing automatic doors.

With the spread of COVID 19 automatic doors help decrease the possibility of community transmission by taking away the need for people to touch doors. As research has proven door handles are seen as a key contamination risk and are central in passing on germs and viruses as they are touched regularly by different people. While hand hygiene is central to decreasing transmission it can not always be guaranteed that people are following correct hand hygiene practices.  

Installing hands free door openers with automatic sensors allows you to take away another risk when it comes to the spread of germs and viruses and ensures you are complying with COVID SAFE practices.

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Energy Saving

Automatic opening doors are important in 2020 as they can help with energy costs. Automating doors allows you to keep the heat and cold inside the building and the elements outside the building. This stops air conditioning from escaping and increasing your energy costs. Pair automatic doors with solar panels and you will see significant savings and lessen your environmental impact. 

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Installing automatic doors will modernise your home or business in 2020. Automatic doors modernise a business by being sleek and indiscreet but providing customers with ease of access and convenience. 

At home, they can be part of the larger automation of your home. With Google Home now a common feature in homes you can sync and automate your doors to work with your Google Home and other smart home features. Truly modernising your home in 2020.

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Building Requirement

Installing automatic opening doors may be a building requirement in your state. Check your local building codes to ensure you are complying with discrimination and accessibility laws. With the rapid changes occuring due to the spread of COVID 19 it may in the future be a requirement for high traffic businesses to install automatic doors.

National Disability Scheme (NDIS ) Approved

Automatic opening doors can be funded through NDIS plans. With the help of a qualified occupational therapist, automatic doors may be funded under home modifications in your NDIS plan. Action Auto Door is a registered NDIS provider and experienced in installing automatic doors in homes and business for NDIS participants.

For more information on installing automatic opening doors in your home or business contact us today.


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