Automatic Gates and Doors – Why are they important?

Automatic gates and doors are a common feature in homes and businesses. Our reliance on them is often underestimated but with the coronavirus alerting us to the need to be more hygienic and avoid touching surfaces with our hands it makes sense that automatic gates and doors will become even more important. 

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Automatic Gates and Doors

This is particularly true of hands free entry options. Many people install driveway gates in their homes and business so they do not have to leave their vehicle and open a gate manually. While stopping the spread of viruses and germs has become an important factor in installing automatic gates and doors we can not forget the other important reason – Convenience. 

The convenience of having an automatic gate opener and automatic garage door in your home is often taken for granted. They are a common feature in homes today and this is because they provide convenience and security. Having an automated garage door or driveway gate means you are protected from the weather and don’t have to deal with cumbersome gates and doors that can be heavy to open and close. They also provide security as you press a button and they are closed and locked.


Hospital Automatic Swing Doors
Double Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic doors and gates are also installed in the homes of people with mobility issues. The convenience of hands free or one touch button systems allows those with mobility issues to move more freely and safely through their homes. Automatic door openers can be installed on front entry entry doors, internal doors and sliding doors in the home. Coupled with an automatic gate, garage door and home automation systems homes today can be wired to be virtually hands free. This also is true for offices and businesses looking to make their entry and movement more convenient for customers and employees.

While convenience is often the most important factor in home installation of automatic gates and doors for businesses, the protection and safety of customers and staff from bacteria and viruses is becoming ever more important. 

Places like medical centres in the past may have had manual doors for visitors to open and close on entry and exist. This is now considered a high risk area for spreading bacteria and viruses thus the need for many medical centres and businesses to move to automated entry doors. This will also ensure the safe exit and entry of those with mobility issues . This is also true of public bathrooms. Automatic toilet doors are also being considered by businesses not only for disabled clients but for the broader community.

Convenience and safety are the key considerations that come into making the decision to install automatic gates and doors in your home or business.

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