Automatic Door Slider- Commercial & Residential

An Automatic Door Slider can be fitted to both residential and commercial sliding doors. Automatic Door Sliders allow sliding doors to be opened by the push of a button or by hands free sensor technology. With the spread of COVID -19 forcing us to assess how we stop the spread of germs and viruses, an Automatic Door Slider is a hygienic and practical way to help make your home and business COVID Safe. 

Along with the hygienic benefits of automatic sliding doors it is also important to offer safe and obstruction free entry and exit from your business for customers. As discussed hygienic safety is now paramount to safe business practices but so is allowing safe access for customers and importantly the elderly and the disabled. 

Automatic Door Sliders can be fitted to a range of entry doors and internal sliding doors. They are commonly fitted to office entry doors, hospitals, retail outlets and shopping centres.  Disabled Toilet Doors can be fitted with an automatic door slider to allow those with mobility or sight issues to safely enter and exit a bathroom. Anywhere there is a door, an automatic door operator can most likely be fitted.

Automatic Opening Doors
Automatic Doors

Action Auto Door install and supply quality European automatic sliding door operators from known and trusted brands FAACDITEC and GEZE. These operators have been tried and tested across the world and are world leading in technology and safety. They have also been designed and manufactured in Europe so you can be assured of their quality and safety. 

While there are many operators that claim to be “Made in Australia” this means they are put together in Australia from imported parts most often from China. While Australia does not currently have a 100% made and manufactured operator you can be rest assured that European operators are made and held to the highest standards. This is why the costs of automatic doors can vary widely. 


Due to our extensive range of operators we are able to custom fit an automatic door slider to your business premises or home. Our automatic sliding door range gives you the ability to choose between operators depending on your operational requirements eg. weight of door, space above door, slim- line design etc.

Olly Automatic Door Slider
Automatic Door Slider

Automatic Door Slider – Commercial 

For commercial doors we recommend and use the Ditec DAS107 and the FAAC AIR 1400 these are both affordable and reliable automatic sliding door operators. 

Both have electric locking, battery backup and have been tested for over 1 million operations. These Italian operators are installed around the world and are TUV tested ensuring high quality and outstanding safety.

Automatic Door Slider – Residential 

For domestic sliding doors we use the Ditec Civik and FAAC Air 1000 which is a smaller version of the commercial sliding doors. These operators are packed with the same features as the commercial ones and have been tested to meet the high standards. But are more compact and versatile units

They can be used with proxy sensors, hand held remotes, push buttons, pet sensors and more.

Ditec Olly C

Automatic Cavity Sliding Doors

The Ditec Olly cavity slider is used for existing cavity sliding doors and can be retro-fitted into existing doorways. 

This can  save you money by not having to replace the doorway. Cavity sliding doors can be retrofitted in homes along with front entry doors, screen doors and patio doors. 

Cavity Automatic Door Slider

Action Auto door supply and install Automatic Door Openers  in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart , Gold Coast, Cairns, and regional areas across all states and territories. 

We install automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors and automatic toilet doors in businesses and homes. We are NDIS registered and specialise in home modification installations for disabled access. Contact us to obtain a free quote. 


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